Yahoo Mail Archive All Emails to Hard Drive – Move Yahoo to Computer

This article will guide you how Yahoo mail archive all emails in Yahoo account and to the local hard drive. This interesting article contains information you need to know while saving your data to local hard drive. Also, there is guidance on what to be done to clear some storage space in Yahoo account without losing an email data.

Yahoo Mail is one most used web mail service throughout the globe. It offers many functions for emailing with the largest cloud storage capacity for a free Yahoo mail account. It offers a total of 1 TB cloud storage space. After the data breach in 2014, Yahoo has increased its security concern to save the Yahoo account user data.

Does Yahoo Mail Save Emails to Hard Drive?

Though Yahoo Mail has strengthened its security after several infamous data breach incidents, but it is yet to provide users with any native data backup facility. This cause for trouble when we need to clear storage space in the Yahoo account. We can’t backup the data. Therefore, what to do next? Don’t worry! there is a method to get this situation solved.

One simple solution is, remove the unwanted email data from the Yahoo mail. This case fails in some case, where all emails are important. One solution for this case is to configure the Yahoo mail over any other mail client and backup your data to that mail client. This will help you to delete the data from Yahoo mail and free some storage space.

Overview of Yahoo Mail Archive All Emails in Complex Format

This manual procedure is not simple as it seems. The whole process divides itself into three phases. They are:

  1. Configure Yahoo Mail to Another Email Client.
  2. Export Yahoo Mail Folders to the Other Mailbox.
  3. Delete the Data from Yahoo Mail Account.

The process of configuration is not lengthy, but might fail and trouble you, if you haven’t performed the process correctly. Moving Yahoo folder to other mailbox is quite simple if not much folders are there in the Yahoo account. And the last job of removing data from the Yahoo mail server can be taken simpler from the other phases. Get to the Yahoo account and delete the emails to clear account storage space.

Do you find this solution feasible and easy to perform at all time? I think some of you may not like this way and go out in search for an another one. find an alternative to move Yahoo mail to hard drive and clear Yahoo account storage effortlessly in the upcoming section.

Yahoo Mail Archive All Emails to Computer Hard Drive

There is one solution that is found to solve the problem held in clearing the Yahoo account storage without losing a data file. You can find the solution anywhere on the internet. An application with name SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool needs installation on your system. This will help you move all your Yahoo emails on local hard drive and at the same time delete those data from the Yahoo mail server. This will efficiently free you account storage for new data and the old data is safe forever.

You have to use this application and easily win the time and effort for archiving Yahoo emails to hard drive directly. The process is safe as your Yahoo account login is required to download data from the Yahoo mail. Get down to understand the Yahoo mail archive process.

yahoo mail archive all emails


Steps to Archive All Emails in Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive

Step 1: Download and Run Yahoo Mail Backup Software and login with personal / business Yahoo account.

Step 2: Select a file format to download emails from Yahoo mail.

Step 3: Browse a location to save the Yahoo emails on hard drive.

Step 4: Enable Delete After Download option.

Step 5: Click on Start button to archive Yahoo emails to the hard drive.

This will be it. All the data chosen will be downloaded to the local hard drive and the account storage is cleared simultaneously. The delete after download option remove the emails downloaded to local hard drive from the Yahoo mail server. This process is automatic and it doesn’t require any human intervention for Yahoo mail deletion.

Conclusion Driven

In this article we have gone trough some techniques that will help Yahoo mail archive all emails to local system and help free account storage. If there is a requirement for you to free account storage and do not want to loss data, try the techniques stated above. These techniques surely make a worth to your data and safeguard it for lifetime.

People Also Ask!

Q: How do I move an email from archive to inbox in Yahoo?

Ans: In Yahoo Mail, the archive folder within a respective folder open previews only the emails archived within that folder. Thus, two cases raise here. One, if the email is archived from the Inbox folder itself. The other is the archive email is created outside the Inbox folder

When the Archive is created from Inbox folder, click on the icon for View Archive emails. Choose the email and click on Unarchive option.

If the archive email is from another folder, say Sent/ Deleted Items folder, then you need to unarchive the emails within that folder and then move the email to Inbox.

Q: How do I delete thousands of emails on Yahoo?

Ans: In Yahoo Mail, open an email folder, say Inbox folder. Enable the check box of Select all option. Click on the Trash icon. This will move all the messages in Yahoo mail Inbox to Deleted Items (Trash) folder. In case, you need to keep some important emails, uncheck those emails and then click the delete icon. Now move to the Trash Folder and click on select all option and select the delete icon. This will remove all the emails from the Yahoo mail permanently and the account storage is free.

Q: How do Yahoo Mail Archive All Emails?

Ans: Steps to Archive Yahoo mail Old Emails to Computer

  1. Start SysTools Yahoo mail Backup tool on your system.
  2. Login with your yahoo account credentials.
  3. Select a file format to save the yahoo mail archive emails.
  4. Browse a location on the system to locate the email files locally.
  5. Enable Delete after download option and click on the Start button.

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