Xiaomi in the world of robotic vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Founded by Lei Jun in April 2010, Xiaomi started out selling mobile phones under its own brand name. Since then, it has expanded into other areas including tablets, smart TVs, laptops, cameras, and drones.

Xiaomi introduced innovative technological solutions for the comfort of users. In 2016 the company released the first robot vacuum cleaner designed for dry clean only. Despite a simple solution and a basic set function, the robot vacuum cleaner became a sales leader. For the new models of robotic vacuum cleaner, the developers have provided an ability to perform dry and damp cleaning and several additional functions. The company has also established the world’s leading consumer AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) platform, more than 434 million smart devices connected to its platform (excluding smartphones and laptops) as of December 31, 2021, excluding smartphones and laptops.

The Xiaomi brand aims to produce reliable, powerful, and high-quality products at affordable prices. Brand developers constantly use innovative developments and solutions to improve the quality of the line, thereby increasing the efficiency of using devices. Xiaomi has become one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Its products are sold through online stores and physical retail locations across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. In September 2016, the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum was released by Roborock.

Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning apartments, office spaces, and private houses.

Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are suitable for apartment cleaning, office space cleaning, and private house cleaning. Among the advantages of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners are:

  • A wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners
  • High-quality and thorough cleaning of the premises
  • Automatic selection of the operating mode
  • Choice of flooring
  • Duration of battery life (up to 180 minutes), depending on the amount of usage.
  • High suction power
  • Building a map of premises, taking into account hard-to-reach places
  • Overcoming challenges up to 2 cm high
  • Different containers for water and garbage
  • Reasonable regulation of water supply
  • Availability of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters

Xiaomi has gained the trust of consumers because of its quality products and services. The company is always working hard to improve itself and implement new technology that will help the consumer experience better.

A few years ago, robotic vacuum cleaners were quite an expensive product. Now everyone can purchase such an assistant for the home at an affordable price.

Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaners will help you keep your home clean and in perfect condition. Such an assistant collects dirt from the floors for cleaning and is aimed at cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

There are two types of Xioami robot vacuum cleaner models on the market: with a brush and without a brush. The first model is ideal for removing dirt from carpets as it features a large roller-type brush on the central base. The design of such robots provides for the presence of two additional side brushes. The second type is ideal for collecting loose pet hair. A feature of these robotic vacuum cleaners is a scoop at the base to suck up dirt as well as the presence of two small side brushes to fight dust.

Xiaomi – Naming

The meaning of the word “Xiaomi” is “millet”, and several reports show that it also means “rice”. Lei Jun links the word “Xiao” to the Buddhist notion that one grain of rice equals a mountain, indicating the endurance of the company. “For fans only” used to be his slogan.


Xiaomi is the market leader in China and India. Its products are available in many countries around the world. It offers a range of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness bands, headphones, speakers, cameras, TVs, routers, and other devices. The company also sells accessories like chargers, cases, and screen protectors. Whereas Xiaomi provides a number of features at reasonable prices.


Xiaomis primary source of revenue comes from smartphones, IoT devices, and other miscellaneous items and services that the company provides.

Company sells a lot of phones. In 2018, the Chinese smartphone maker reportedly sold 119 million smartphones. A quarter of Xiaomi’s revenue comes not from hardware sales, but from other businesses like IoT and lifestyle products. These range from smart TVs to electric scooters, vacuum cleaner, rear view mirrors, etc. The company also provides subscription services like TV shows, movies, and gaming. Apart from this, the company also offers advertising services.


Xiaomis growth in sales and product ranges has made them a major player in the smartphone market. Their employee count is said to be around 22,000.

However, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the smartphone company has seen a decline in the Q1 of 2020. However, it has also been declared as one of the top 5 smartphone companies, to achieve comparatively sound growth in the second quarter of 2020. It has seen a 0.7% YoY from 2019.

Xiaomis vision is to make quality tech accessible to everyone – “Innovation for everyone”. The company provides high-quality products and remarkable services. Has seven factories in India, four in Andhra Pradesh, one in Tamil Nadu and one Noida.

Allocation of IPO

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi is committed to deepening IoT services, expanding popular product categories, maintaining efficiency, investing in expanding its ecosystem, and further expanding the “global triathlon” business model.

It is said to have huge growth potential because it is a rare company that can handle hardware, e-commerce, and IoT.


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