Xbox Game Pass Might Leak Tomorrow, So what do you Do?

New leaks suggest that Microsoft may add another game to its Xbox Game Pass collection as a day-one release.

The leaked information suggests that a new Xbox Game Pass game is coming. Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive a few games each month. Some of these are day-one releases. Xbox Game Pass members can try different games the day they are released without paying additional costs.

From day one, Microsoft has added all its first-party games to the Xbox Game Pass library. However, it sometimes offers third-party titles. Xbox Game Pass subscribers could download A Plague Tale: Requiem free of charge on October 18. Members can also access some highly-rated indie games like Ghost Song at no additional cost. Another game is expected to be added to Xbox Game Pass by day one, according to leaked information.

Wrestlezone has leaked that AEW Fight Forever will be available on Xbox Game Pass as a day-one release. AEW Fight Forever has yet to release the date. However, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it immediately if the rumor is true. Fans must wait until Microsoft makes an official announcement to take all rumors with a grain.

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AEW Fight Forever launching via Xbox Game Pass on Day One will give it a firm push at launch. This deal will increase the potential reach for this title, which has more than 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It is important to note that AEW Fight Forever will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, although some users may only have to pay the part price.

Yuke, the developer, has shared gameplay footage of AEW Fight Forever. He also confirmed that some game modes would be included with the game, such as Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch and Casino Battle Royale. AEW Fight Forever also features mini-games such as a baseball mode in which players must hit home runs.

It will be interesting to see how AEW Fight Forever ranks against WWE 2K22 when it launches. The release of WWE 2K22 earlier this year mainly received positive reviews. A lot of attention was paid to the redesigned battle system and its impressive selection of game modes. Some users felt that the MyGM mode, which was highly anticipated, was not available at launch.

Xbox Game Pass: The Best Games

Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly worth the subscription fee. But which games make the most of your hard drive space, and are they the best?

Microsoft’s Game Pass is well worth the cost of admission. Although many might be hesitant about locking their video games library behind a subscription, subscribers have access to a fantastic selection of titles ranging from indie darlings to triple-A blockbusters for an affordable monthly fee.

Choosing which titles are worth your time can be challenging when there are so many great titles available. The subscription fee covers the cost of entry. Now it’s time to determine how to make the most of your hard drive space. The diamonds in this collection are readily apparent. Here are the best Xbox Game Pass games.

The Master Chief Collection by Halo

The Master Chief Collection makes the adventures of the Master Chief more accessible than ever before. This collection of Halo games represents 343 Industries’ efforts to immortalize the series. Every mainline Halo title (not counting Halo 5: Guardians) is included. The amazing Halo 3: ODSST and Halo: Reach is also included. The Master Chief Collection includes everything you need, from beloved campaign co-op, thrilling Firefight matches, and iconic multiplayer modes. If you consider yourself a Halo fan, this is a must-play Xbox Game Pass game. For those who haven’t completed the Master Chiefs saga, there is no better method to complete the fight.

Amnesia: Collection

Technically, Amnesia: Collection includes three games: A Machine for Pigs and Justine. While some titles in this collection may be more well-known than others, the whole collection is an excellent addition to the Xbox Game Pass library. The Amnesia series changed the definition of what it means to be an indie horror game. Despite not having the same budget as a triple-A title, The Dark Descent captured our attention and terrorized us by using all elements it could.


Frictional Games is most well-known for Amnesia The Dark Descent, their indie horror title. While Soma reached a different Let’s-Player popularity than its predecessor, it has shown improvements and more polish. Soma’s storytelling is so good that it makes The Dark Descent feel disappointing. Along with all the horror and tense atmosphere you would expect from Frictional, players will be presented with questions about consciousness and morality.