X Cocktails To Make for Your Next Pool Party

In my opinion, summer is the best time of the year. When I think back on some of my favorite moments of my life, my mind’s eye conjures flashes of precious moments. Flashes of laughing with people I love. Flashes of hot, humid nights, where I danced until the sun came up. Tons of friends, tons of family. Some are still here, some are gone. But no matter how much things change, I find that most of these memories all have one considerable commonality. They happened in the summer. The summer is when it seems like we all collectively take a break, and loosen up a little. Summer is the time for cookouts and campfires. But what has to be my favorite summer activity by far, is a good old-fashioned pool party! There’s nothing better than going out and getting tan by the pool, with all of your friends and some great tunes. But what sells me on the pool party is when you include something yummy to sip on. That cool ice mixed with a hot day is a surefire way to make some great memories. Yet, now we’ve reached an impasse. Because if you’re the one hosting, well then it is up to you to make up the menu. So you find yourself wondering. What kind of cocktails should I make? Well, wonder no more my friend! Because I’ve compiled this amazing list of some of the best cocktails you should consider for your next pool party!

Momma Needs a Mule!

By far one of my favorite kinds of cocktails is the mule. Traditionally served in a copper cup, the mule is a delectable combo of alcohol, ginger beer, and lime juice. Now, normally you serve a mule with vodka, but if you want to step your party up. My suggestion is to substitute vodka with a nice mezcal. A mezcal mule not only has the distinction of being a drink with a richer, smokier flavor profile. Mezcal can also be classified as a stimulant. This produces a more energetic, and euphoric response than other alcohols. This means that your guests will finish their drinks a little happier and sillier, than they may have been when they started them. This is a perfect starter for your party, but what if you’re looking for something to keep the party going? Or maybe you even want to tie up ante? Well, then how about…

Don’t Be Jelly!

This next entry may take some of my readers back to college, but let me tell you. For good, or bad; nothing escalates a party quite like a tray of jello shots! These are delicious little drinks that are shootable and delectable. One of the reasons they work so well for pool parties is the fact that they are small, self-contained, and not particularly messy. This is particularly perfect for people who are looking to lounge in the pool while they’re drinking. As there is no glass to chance an accident. So you and your guests can keep chilling on your floaty without a care in the world! If you’re also looking for a new floaty that can hold multiple people, then might I suggest one of these amazing pool floats from FUNBOY? They are an amazing company that creates some of the most fun and fashionable floaties around. These are perfect for anyone trying to add to their party’s ambiance!

That Dang Daiquiri

For our next suggestion, I would like to balance this list with a more refined entry. Something that takes only a little bit of time to make, but is all the more delicious for its succulent simplicity. I’m talking of course about the delectable daiquiri! These are delicious little cocktails made with citrus juice, rum, and sugar that are sure to add a little bit of class to any social gathering. And if you’re looking to get a little fancier. Throw all of your normal daiquiri ingredients into a blender, and add some of your favorite fruit! This makes a delightful daiquiri smoothie that’s both refreshing and delicious!

When you’re throwing a pool party, especially in the summer. You want everything to be perfect. You want to cover all your bases and create a night that none of your friends will ever forget. That’s an amazing ambition, but one thing I’d personally like to stress is that. Whatever you do, make sure you do it surrounded by people you love. You see, you can curate the greatest atmosphere in the world, but if you don’t have a close group of friends, by your side. Then even the greatest party in the history of the planet isn’t gonna feel that fun. Ultimately parties are for people. The people who you love, and who love being around you. So make the most of those relationships. Because what is a party, except an excuse to get together?