Wu Xiao Xin, Zhongyu Science & Technology CEO/Co-Founder scheduled to speak at REWIRE: AI & Education 2019

REWIRE: AI & Education is a highly anticipated AI & Technology event scheduled for September 21, 2019 in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Strengthening Wuxi’s case as China’s #1 IoT hub, REWIRE features a panel of IoT, AI and Education industry experts to delve deep into the future of AI & education.


Leading the panel is Wu Xiao Xin, the Co-Founder and CEO of Zhongyu Science & Technology; a leading Wuxi-based company that specializes in developing innovative, technology-based learning tools for students and teachers alike. Wu is an impressive individual- to say the least. With over 16 years in the technology industry, he’s  developed highly competitive products in multiple sectors, holds four invention & utility model patents, and is the Co-Founder/ CEO of Zhongyu. His company partners with big name players, including China’s highly publicized Information & Communications Company, Huawei.


“We are very fortunate to have Wu Xiao Xin join the upcoming REWIRE: Education Panel” said REWIRE’s Co-Chair, Errol Vas. “Having a distinguished expert like Wu to offer his insight and knowledge at the event is invaluable, and everyone at REWIRE is excited to hear from him September 21st”.


The upcoming REWIRE: Ai & Education event examines AI’s influence on the education industry – specifically the advantages AI will offer to learners, the trajectory of school technology use, the impact on the multi-billion dollar education industry, and solutions for educational institutions to ensure future success & profitability in a rapidly changing business climate.


Those interested in attending the REWIRE: AI & Education Seminar or would like to tune-in to the event’s live stream, visit



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