Writing to Earn Easy Money As a Student

Finding simple ways to make money quickly is something we frequently hear about. So, how can you generate additional money while still in university or college, regardless of what type of degree or high school diploma you have?

One of the best methods to make additional money is to write online. Most of the e-commerce and online socialisation began with the creation of content. The trend grew so fast content creation is now a major part of digital marketing and a sought-after career. So, if you’re a fantastic writer, why not put your talent to work and earn at least an extra £100 every day?

The online sector, among other things, has provided several possibilities for students to earn some extra bucks. For example, online tutoring and remote learning may now replace traditional teaching methods. In addition, some websites provide the option to earn money by using your academic writing talents. For example, article writing, dissertation help online, exam preparations, notes, or other educational assignments.

A well-written essay or blog can lead you to temporary writing gigs and more paid tasks. For instance, if you are good at it, you can charge your friend for helping write a script for their big presentation. It is incredibly rewarding to write and make money online. In addition, working as a freelancer, you can work with the customers and the genre of your choice and writing style that interest you the most.

Once you make your mind to earning through your writing skills, you need to learn some tricks and techniques to be better at what you do, which is writing!

Improve your Writing Techniques

There are plenty of legit options for students and freelance writers to earn money online, such as Upwork and Freelancer. However, to get some recognition and attention from clients or even your batch mates, you should know the basic differences and techniques of writing. As a result, it’s critical to hone your writing skills and create a positive attitude towards the profession by remaining open to all options.

Improving your writing knowledge and talents can help you make money, which can even be a reliable source of income. Consider the following suggestions for improving your writing talents to acquire high-paying writing jobs online:

Meet New Authors

Join digital media writer’s platforms or go through other writers work. You’ll also find these forums very helpful in getting a job. For example, you might get a pleasant surprise if you get an appointment on the spot because an author referred you to one of their customers. In addition, you’ll get some expert tips on what websites offer writing jobs and how much they pay.

Take Short Writing Courses  

Take advantage of free online writing courses offered by different authors and expert scholars. While you might be an English language speaker, great content requires quite a few qualities. These include good grammar, great spelling, creativeness, and structured thoughts to properly deliver your message to the article’s intended audience.

Furthermore, you can visit many academic websites and check how they operate. For example, Dissertation Pros is one of many websites to help students with their research work and unmanageable academic workloads. They provide the best dissertation writing service UK around the UK and worldwide.

Suppose you’re more interested in academic writing. In that case, you can also apply as a writer to pen down diverse content, such as advantages of different courses, essays on various subjects, colleges, career advice, and more.

6 Easy Ways of Making Money by Writing

As a student, you can earn by setting a plan in your area of expertise. For example, you can tutor other students (mostly juniors) struggling with their home assignments, dissertations, or critical essays. However, have a look at these tried and tested ways to make easy money online:

1. Look Around, Friends or Family Might Need Help

A simple way to start earning is to use the power of “asking”, yup you read it right! You never know your friends or family might not be good with writing. They may struggle to complete those university tasks with ongoing jobs and work pressure. You can help such people in your surrounding by writing on various topics or genres for them. Thus, at an early stage, you can get hands-on writing experience for such content as:

  • Resume Content
  • Essay writing
  • Official emails or letters
  • Advertisement gigs
  • Invitation for events
  • Applications
  • Newsletters for small business
  • Collage presentation or assignment

2. Ask other freelancers

What do you do if none of your friends or family needs help, and you don’t have any clientele?

Do not worry! You can ask other freelancers and use their clientele to get work and hone your writing skills. Regular freelancers sometimes outsource because of the deadlines and workload.

Other freelance writers may also assist you with your writing expertise. You may both edit each other’s work or assist one another in improving your write-ups. In any event, you must consider this to be a non-competitive area. Other authors or freelancers might assist you in generating money online.

3. Cold – Pitch

Cold pitching is the practice of targeting brands online and persuading them directly to buy your writing services. You tell them you are an enthusiastic freelance who’s up for writing for their brand. Since the business you are approaching isn’t looking for any writers, your email or idea is a cold pitch until they respond.

4. Reach out to Born Entrepreneurs

Why not reach out to certain startups you follow for their content? For example, you may notice they struggle with certain business duties such as email management, responding to their small community of clients, answering comments on their posts, and more.

Why not market your writing services to these entrepreneurs if they need help indeed? You may ask if they need assistance with their product content or only startup pitch?

Reaching out might be stressful, but it’s only an email, and if you don’t hear back from them, go on! You have suffered no loss!

5. Offer You-tube Tutorials

The year 2021 is all about YouTube content creation. How? People have short attention spans, and video is an excellent medium for delivering a lot of information in an easy-to-digest style.

Bloggers, YouTubers, content creators, video editors or even writers use YouTube to promote their business. There are various advantages of making video tutorials about writing and posting them on such marketing platforms. 

If you are a professional writer, you can make tutorials on how to write an essay or perhaps provide help with dissertation writing for PhD students and others. It’s also an easy way to generate good money. The more views you’ll have on your write-ups, the more quick money you will make.

You might provide video lessons for entrepreneurs or bloggers. You may need some equipment to begin producing professional video lessons, but it is simple to produce once you have everything in place.

6. Expand your Writing Services

By the time of 6 months, you’ll be a pro at writing with polished skills. Then, you can move ahead by stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding your writing services. Usually, such services include:

  • Marketing pitch writing
  • Website editor
  • Critical essay writing
  • Help with Dissertation
  • Proofreading
  • Editing research paper
  • Social Media Manager
  • Thesis writing service

There would be a struggling period before you can earn 100 – 500 pounds or more a day or week but look, you have to keep going to earn yourself a skilled writer badge. Not to mention the extra money you will get while studying! Good writing skills can help you achieve this and many more milestones.