Wristwatch Collaborations: A Look On Some Of Seiko’s Best Collabs

Seiko is one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. They are a pioneer and innovator in watchmaking, producing the best Japanese-made timepieces ever. Besides their own products, they’ve also made beautiful collaborations with other brands outside the watch industry.

Wristwatch collaborations are a welcome addition to watch boutiques, especially if famous brands make them and their exceptional designs. These collaborations happen for the mutual benefit of both brands. It also has two main benefits: leveraging both brands’ existing customers and reaching two sets of prospective customers.

In its storied history, Seiko has had many collaboration products. To this day, they continue to produce top-tier collaborations with different brands that caught the eye of many watch enthusiasts. Learn about some of their best collaborations in this blog.

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers is a clothing brand that Seiko collaborated with in 2021. It’s a collab that made sense because Rowing Blazers offer colorful watch straps and affordable classic timepieces in their online catalog. Moreover, watches have also been a visible accessory in their visual campaigns.

Rowing Blazers’ Summer 2021 campaign includes a capsule collection based on the Seiko 5 watches in three sets of limited-edition timepieces. It has two limited editions and one special edition watch. The novelty in this collaboration is the second hand that resembles the red-and-white striped pole usually seen on finish lines in rowing regattas.

Evisen Skateboards

Seiko’s collaboration with Japanese skateboard brand Evisen Skateboards produced some incredibly stylish watches. These watches were also based on the popular Seiko 5 series. Every timepiece in this limited edition set oozes creativity that will entice many enthusiasts and collectors who admire Japanese culture.

The first watch pays homage to the “kabuto” or folk samurai helmet, Evisen’s emblem. The second watch embodies skateboard culture with its mahogany color resembling wooden skateparks and pipes and its face resembling a skateboard wheel. Lastly, the third model is sushi-themed, featuring the colors and texture of this popular Japanese food.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog collaborated with Seiko to commemorate its 30th anniversary. Much like any other collaboration with a video game, cartoon characters, or iconic tv shows, this one is quite successful. Another thing that also adds to the appeal of this collab is the outstanding watch Seiko made out of it.

The Seiko Sonic chronograph pays homage to Sonic running in the Green Hill Zone, the first stage of the game’s first edition in 1991. The caseback features a special 30th-anniversary logo, along with the serial number. The watch also comes in a unique golden printed blue box and a warranty card resembling the box that came with the game three decades ago.

Studio Ghibli

Seiko and Studio Ghibli also collaborated in 2021 to feature Laputa: The Castle In The Sky. The specially designed timepiece pays homage to the iconic film created by Hayao Miyazaki. They adapted a special edition watch based on their classic high-end Presage series and added Castle In The Sky in the details.

One of the main details in this watch collaboration is the Levistone pendant worn by the film’s main character Sheeta at the 6’oclock marker, which is also reiterated in the top of the crown. In addition, an image of a castle in the sky is also engraved on the caseback, visibly seeing the watch’s movement.


Seiko has produced many top-tier unique timepieces from various collaborations. Check them out to see if the next collaboration designs suit your taste.


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