Wrap Around Cartoners Market is forecasted to register a 2.9 % CAGR during 2022 – 2032

During the forecast period, the global wrap around cartoners market is expected to grow at a modest pace of 2.9%, reaching a value of US$ 887.3 million by 2032. In 2022, the market is currently valued at US$ 664.1 million.

The wrap around cartoners market is evolving and growing in the packing machinery industry. Manufacturers are introducing design upgrades and initiatives for capacity expansion, quick change over, and automation, which is driving up wrap around cartoner sales.

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Competitive Landscape

How are the Key Players Coping Up in the Competitive Landscape?

The key market players of the global wrap around cartoners market sector are now more ffocused on setting-up effective joint ventures, acquisitions, and/or collaborations in order to expand their respective consumer bases. By doing so, they stand to boost their given target bases by being able to cater to them on both a global as well as domestic level.

Some of the key market players in the wrap around cartoners market are:

  • Molins Langen
  • IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche SpA
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Omori Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Tetra Pak International S.A.
  • Marchesini Group
  • OPTIMA Packaging Group GmbH
  • IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH
  • Shibuya Packaging System Corpoartion
  • Cama Group
  • Triangle Package Machinery Co.
  • Douglas Machine Inc.
  • ACG Pampac Machines Private Limited
  • Econocorp Inc.
  • PMI Cartoning Inc.

Prime Movers Driving Growth in the Wrap Around Cartoners Market

Aesthetic Appeal The wrap around cartoners market is highly driven by the factor that they are aesthetically appealing in nature and offer better sealing options than any other carton type, which gives this an edge in the market.

  • Increasing Automation

High demand for wrap around cartoners is primarily being driven by increasing automation in the manufacturing industry, which in turn would decrease manpower engaged and elevate the level of efficiency of the production processes.

  • Food & Beverage Industry to Fuel Growth

It is analyzed that the food & beverage processors are highly investing lump sums of money in the automation of their existing facilities to avoid as much human contact as possible from their products.

  • Easily Recyclable

Wrap around cartoning does not pose any harmful effect on the environment and could be easily recycled. It is cost-effective and can be widely used for secondary packaging of goods in various industries, which is driving the growth of wrap around cartoners for further manufacturing.

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Outlook for the Region
Wrap Around Cartoners Market Outlook in North America
In terms of growth rate, the North American region outpaces other geographic categories over the predicted period. In the next years, it is expected to dominate the global wrap around cartoners industry. North America currently accounts for 28% of the total market share for wrap around cartoners.

Favorable policies and the growing significance of young enterprises eager to adopt the best packaging solutions are propelling growth in the North American region.
As a result of a high number of food and beverage industries choosing for automation of existing wrap around packaging plants, the market size in this region is increasing.

Key Segments in the Wrap Around Cartoners Market

By Capacity:

  • Upto 70 CPM
  • 70 to 150 CPM
  • 150 to 400 CPM
  • Above 400 CPM

By Orientation:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • MEA
  • Europe

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