WPDeveloper Launches New Product ‘BetterLinks’ – Advanced Link Management Solution For WordPress

The renowned WordPress product company WPDeveloper has launched a new product called BetterLinks– a brand new advanced link management and link shortening solution for WordPress. With this new solution, web creators, affiliate marketers, bloggers can easily manage, redirect, track and analyze their links all from one place in the WordPress dashboard. 

WPDeveloper is empowering more than 3 million WordPress users with innovative products including Essential Addons for Elementor, NotificationX, Templately etc. 

Seeing the need for an all-inclusive link management tool, WPDeveloper has launched BetterLinks, which comes with several advanced features that were most requested by the community. 

BetterLinks helps WordPress users to instantly create short, pretty and branded URLs. These shortened URLs can be used for promoting your brand or product, for marketing campaigns or simply for sharing on social media.

Users can also effortlessly create multiple link redirect types such as 301, 302 and 307 redirects. 

Introducing BetterLinks – The Ultimate WordPress Plugin For Link Shortening & U…

Shortened or redirected URLs can also be tracked and monitored with the built-in analytics tool available in the free version of BetterLinks. WordPress users can easily view their click rate data and use these insights to plan and improve marketing campaigns. 

BetterLinks also makes it possible to add specific link attributes to the shortened URLs, and organize them by creating custom categories and tags. 

These are just some of the free features WordPress users get with BetterLinks. This all-new advanced link management plugin also comes with a UTM Builder to help monitor marketing campaigns better, support for dynamic link redirects based on geolocation, device and time, as well as seamless integration with Google Analytics

To learn more about BetterLinks and all the features in this advanced link management plugin for WordPress, you can check out from here.