WOW Classic: Guide For New Players

Before you is a portal to a fantastic world guarded by two huge guardians who watch you from their pedestals with malevolence. Attracted by the call of the unknown, you arm yourself with courage and cross the portal ready to explore this immense land, full of magic and monsters.

World of Warcraft Classic takes you back to an ancient time of war and exploration. There you will be able to enjoy a dynamic and immersive world, full of adventurers like you, ready to overcome the challenges they encounter and to achieve fame as champions of Azeroth.

Ready to play? Here are some tips to get you started.

The Realm and you

Choosing the most suitable realm for your play style is the first step in starting your journey in Classic . It might be a bit daunting at first to come across a host of nearly unintelligible names upon logging in, but understanding the meaning of the acronyms is critical to entering the realm you are calling home.

  • Normal: This type of realm is the best option for those who want to enjoy a calm and informal experience without having to worry about the attacks of other players. If you want to enjoy PvP in the open world, you will have to activate it manually and also equip yourself with some wow addons.
  • Player vs. Player (PvP): In PvP realms, players in disputed territories (about two-thirds of the world) are automatically marked as potential antagonists, allowing members of the enemy faction to attack them.
  • RPG Realm (RPG) – Those who want a deeper experience in the world of Azeroth have the option to join a RPG realm. Apart from the RPG aspect, it has all the characteristics of a normal kingdom.
  • Role Playing Realm, Player vs. Player (JRPvP) – This type of realm combines the RPG and PvP playstyles.

Choose your faction

Once a kingdom has been selected, it is time to make the decisive decision. Will you join the ranks of the indomitable Horde or will you side with the unshakable Alliance? Your choice will determine which races you have access to (and in some cases classes as well), so choose wisely!


The Alliance is guided by an idea of ​​justice and by the desire to illuminate the darkest corners of the world. Their goal is to bring order to the war-torn lands of Azeroth, putting honor and tradition above all else. The races that are part of the noble Alliance are the following:

  • Humans: Although they are one of the youngest races on Azeroth, tough humans have managed to overcome the many challenges they have faced in the past. Always determined, they adapt to the world as it changes.
  • Dwarves – Fearless and adventurous, the Ironforge dwarves are a tough people who enjoy fighting and exploring. Records have recently been discovered of a Caucaidivine race that is believed to have given life to the dwarves. This has only fueled her desire for exploration and archeology to venture out to discover the mysteries of her progenitors.
  • Night Elves – The once immortal night elves are an ancient and mystical race that has helped shape the history of Azeroth for centuries. They have a close bond with the natural forces that surround them and lead an isolated and self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • Gnomes – Clever and eccentric, gnomes are a race of tiny inventors, explorers, and tech geniuses who have become famous for their intellect and innovative ideas. Despite the destruction of their hometown, they maintain a joyful demeanor and commendable commitment to their work.


The Horde is made up of a coalition of outcasts who have forged a union for the sake of survival. They respect action and force, and are committed to enduring in an unforgiving land that seeks its extinction. The proud peoples of the Horde are as follows:

  • Orcs: The once peaceful orcs came to Azeroth from the planet Draenor after falling victim to the corruption of the demonic Burning Legion. Now this race, which values ​​blood and honor above all else, struggles to survive in a world that disowns them.
  • Undead: Trapped in the space between life and death, the sinister undead were resurrected by the cruel Lich King to serve as mindless pawns in his war against the living. Now that they are free from their yoke, they fight to maintain autonomy and destroy those who want to purge them from Azeroth.
  • Tauren – The spiritual and peaceful tauren are dedicated to cultivating affinity with the natural world around them on behalf of their goddess, Mother Earth. They lead honorable lives and have a higher regard for peace than do the rest of their warlike allies.
  • Trolls: Driven from their tropical homeland, the Darkspear tribe of trolls made their forces and sinister magic available to the Horde when orcs came to their aid in a time of need. Now these fierce people seek to restore the former glory of their tribe.

Faithful to class

After deciding which side you’re on, the last step before setting foot in Azeroth is choosing a class. Do you like to go into battle with a sword in hand? Would you rather hide in the shadows and take out enemies with relentless efficiency? Or are you interested in helping your allies from afar with benevolent magic? Whatever the case, there is a class for you.

All classes can deal damage and go on a solo adventure, but some can also play the role of “tank” or “healer.” The role of “tank” involves protecting your allies and drawing the ire of monsters towards you, while playing a healer is expected to keep your friends alive by using restoration spells. Player groups are most effective when they have characters capable of fulfilling all three functions. Regardless of which one you want to play, you can customize your character’s abilities to your liking to focus more on a specific role or playstyle if you prefer. Some weapons and armor are restricted to certain classes, and each class gains different benefits from equipment that can be found in the world.

  • Warrior: Displaying a combination of mastery of weapons and courage in battle, warriors fearlessly rush to the front lines of any combat.
    • Breeds: all
    • Armor: all
    • Function: DPS, tank
    • Specializations: Weapons, Fury, Protection
  • Hunter: Drawn by the call of the wild, Hunters are survival experts who add to their skills ranged weapon mastery and an affinity for ferocious beasts.
    • Races: night elf, dwarf, orc, tauren, troll
    • Armor: cloth, leather, mail
    • Function: DPS
    • Specializations: Survival, Marksmanship, Beast Mastery
  • Rogue – Experts with knives and poisons, rogues stalk their enemies from the silent darkness, always ready to cut through the throat and empty the pockets of the unwary.
    • Races: Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Undead, Troll
    • Armor: cloth, leather
    • Function: DPS
    • Specializations: Combat, Assassination, Subtlety
  • Warlock – Warlocks use forbidden sorcery to destroy their enemies. They come into contact with dark powers that allow them to summon demons, curse their enemies, and channel destructive magic.
    • Races: gnome, human, orc, undead
    • Armor: cloth
    • Function: DPS
    • Specializations: Affliction, Destruction, Demonology
  • Mage: Mages are expert spellcasters capable of attacking enemies from afar with fire, frost, and arcane magic.
    • Races: Human, Gnome, Undead, Troll
    • Armor: cloth
    • Function: DPS
    • Specializations: Arcane, Fire, Frost
  • Priest: Always between Shadow and Light, priests can both heal their allies with powerful holy magic and attack their enemies with sinister spells.
    • Races: human, dwarf, night elf, undead, troll
    • Armor: cloth
    • Role: DPS, Healer
    • Specializations: Holy, Discipline, Shadow
  • Druid: Druids draw on the versatility of nature for power. They take the form of primeval beasts, summoning celestial energy, and channeling the restorative properties of the wild to aid their allies.
    • Races: night elf, tauren
    • Armor: cloth, leather
    • Function: DPS, Tank, Healer
    • Specializations: Feral Combat, Recovery, Balance
  • Shaman – Exclusive to the Horde. Shamans commune with the chaotic elements, using primal fury to empower their weapons, empower their totems, and enhance their abilities.
    • Races: orc, troll, tauren
    • Armor: cloth, leather, mail
    • Role: DPS, Healer
    • Specializations: Enhancement, Elemental, Recovery
  • Paladin – Exclusive to the Alliance. Paladins are bulwarks of divine Light, dispensing justice through magic and force.
    • Races: human, dwarf
    • Armor: all
    • Function: DPS, Tank, Healer
    • Specializations: Holy, Protection, Retribution

Into the unknown

Now that you’ve chosen your server, faction, race and class, it’s time to give your character a good look, a name and press the “Enter World” button. Your journey may have just begun, but you’ll soon be able to take on all that Azeroth has to offer .

As a new player we recommend to know all about wow classic dungeon levels & requirements,

 explore the world, go into dungeons, have fun with other players and enjoy your adventures!

Once you’ve reached level 60, prepare to descend into the depths of Black Rock Mountain and face the fearsome Nefarian in Blackwing’s Lair, a legendary band already available on Classic’s servers.