Would University Grants help in the Data Science Initiative?

Data Science is one of the most lucrative careers. Especially for those who love mathematics, statistics, and have a flair for solving problems. While it is cited as one of the most glamorous roles, Data Science is not just glamor and money. It is about hard and smart work, it is about spending lone hours in the company of data, playing with it, studying it, cleaning it to get some insightful details from it.


As data science gained popularity as a profession, and students started enquiring about the programs related to the field, it was just a matter of time before the universities brought data science initiative in their curriculum. However, the program required cutting-edge tools and the industry experts who could deliver the right knowledge and inculcate the right skills in the young graduates. All of this over-burdened the meager university budgets. This is where university grants and subsidies come into play.


University Grants and Data Science Initiative


Before we mull over the question of whether university grants would be helpful in data science initiative; let’s understand what are the university grants and how they help universities in maintaining the high standards of education they planned or aimed to offer.


World Data Science Initiative aka WDSI is a promise to create the next generation of data scientists by offering university grants and subsidies of more than $300 million.


These grants do help in promoting data science initiatives because of various reasons. As mentioned earlier, universities and colleges world over have limited budgets and to finance such a huge project, these university grants help the educational institutions maintain their high levels of educational standards.


Maintaining the standards of Data Science education in universities and institutions WDSI offers university grants to those educational institutes who have started data science initiatives in their program. 


But what is Data Science Initiative?


A data science initiative by any university is an aim to make that educational institute a data-enabled university. The ‘initiative’ is meant to advance the data science methods, and tools and weave them into the fabric of the university, to effectively respond to the most crucial society-related as well as scientific challenges. The Data Science Initiative could involve programs like data science-related programming languages including Python, Julia, R, and Golang.


Data Science, COVID-19, and University Grants


It is a given fact that COVID-19 has brought everything to stand still, and while there are job cuts, layoffs, and furloughs – Data Science is one profession that has been growing even during the global pandemic.


After all, this is the time when organizations need to maintain their big data and need data scientists who could help them achieve success during the crisis. And this is where the World Data Science Initiative comes to the aid of universities. WDSI offers the world’s most comprehensive subsidy and grant initiative to help the universities reach their highest standard in the field of Data Science.


In addition, WDSI nurtures a worldwide Data Science talent force of about 250, 000 professionals across universities and technology educators that are spread across 60 countries.




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