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If I told you that you could start an e-learning business from home, even during this Corona lockdown, how would you feel? While most companies are in financial trouble and employees are worried about losing their jobs? E-learning is growing rapidly. Most people learn about everything online.

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Hi there! Dr. Amit Parikh, Ashu Kumar, and David from Team Academy Pro. They’ve worked together for a decade. They’ve made millions selling information and software goods online, but more importantly, they’ve helped thousands of individuals start successful online businesses from home. Online education is a multi-billion dollar sector that is continually developing.

Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, and Skillshare are among the giants you may have heard about every year. They have thousands of users, make loads of money, and are ready to seize their share of the e-learning market. Its entire potential remains unexplored. Check out some more eye-openers. E-learning will reach 325 billion dollars by 2025. It’s enormous, right? For every dollar spent on e-learning, organizations gain thirty dollars in productivity.

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E-learning is used by almost 40% of Fortune 500 firms, and 72% believe it gives them a competitive edge. The market is booming for a reason. Online courses cover nearly every subject. There’s no doubting that people have learnt to make money off what they know. After years of learning, planning, coding, and debugging, you might as well embrace it and profit from it by selling your own online courses. After thorough user testing with thousands of real users, we are delighted to announce a one-of-a-kind solution that will save you hours of frustration in constructing an online academy and creating excellent courses and scale your conversions, traffic, and sales at will. Academy Pro, an outstanding all-in-one professional academy builder, helps anyone develop and sell their courses online without effort. Let’s see how it can boost your revenues and assist your e-learning firm overcome obstacles faster.

Academy Pro makes it easy and fast to construct a pro-level academy to sell courses online. Academy Pro lets you sell courses on your own academy marketplace and turn your expertise into passive revenue. It gives you full control over your traffic, leads, and revenues. Pro makes selling courses online easy in three steps. Course creation is the first step. Add your video lessons, ebooks, and reports to construct a course, or choose from five ready-made courses and two payment methods in the quick start stage. Add the buy buttons of your preferred payment gateways to accept payments straight in your accounts. In step 3, publish and profit, post your courses on your pro academy and keep 100% of your leads and profits.

No sharing, installing, designing, or other techy things. Your interesting, professional online academy with your courses can be published in minutes. Academy Pro made it easy, fast, and loving. Much more is possible. A professional marketplace with course listings, a blog, a members area, a lead management system, and a built-in ticketing system can be established in minutes.

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These gorgeous and effective e-learning sites can boost your online authority. These pro academy sites are mobile, social media, and SEO-ready, so you can offer all your courses on your own branded marketplace and govern your business. Courses may be created rapidly with unlimited video lessons, ebooks, and reports. Academy Pro makes it easy to build courses on any topic in any niche from home, accept marketplace payments with your choice payment gateway and marketplace, and quickly interface with PayPal, JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and more. You may build a massive list in any field by adding a report and creating a free course, and we’ll give you done-for-you video courses on hot themes to start your online school easily.

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Still more. To provide you the best experience, it has over 50 interesting features and a business license. This is a state-of-the-art solution, and I’m sure you’ll love Academy Pro, so just get your hands on Academy Pro to build your online academy, and it will get you up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while you’re sipping your cappuccino, watching your favorite web series on Netflix, shaking your leg on the dance floor, or watching the Lakers beat their opponents on the court. Academy Pro has everything covered, as I warned you. Pro is superior. It’s fast, beautiful, and gives you complete control over your e-learning business.

Isn’t it incredible? Finally, you don’t need to pay for a domain or hosting. Our ultra-fast cloud-based infrastructure powers all of these premium services, so I hope you like them. Pro is a masterpiece, and here is your last chance to build a pro academy. Stop wasting time and money on convoluted platforms with recurring payments and third-party marketplaces that undermine your efforts.

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Academy Pro provides everything you need. So what are you waiting for? Academy Pro is unlimited for a one-time charge. But that’s just for the special charter launch of seven days, and after this introduction phase, it’ll go back to its rightful monthly price. If you act now, you’ll also obtain our commercial license. That means you might charge them monthly for this service. This top-notch trendy solution will give you a huge possibility to generate extra money each month.

This one-time investment gives you full access to this ultimate platform and is backed by your 30-day money-back guarantee. Time is running out. Click the button below to obtain instant access to Academy Pro before it becomes a monthly recurring fee. Dr. Ahmed Ashu Kumar and I again applaud you for taking action now to establish your profitable business for years to come. The academy pro team is ready to help and welcome you to your members area.

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