World map of Israeli businessman David Kaplan

Freedom of speech and freedom of movement are fundamental concepts of human rights. It is impossible to imagine a faster way to become more independent, confident, and friendly than traveling outside your hometown country. I want to see as many beautiful places as possible, meet new people, learn about the history, culture and mentality of other nations.

Israeli businessman David Kaplan has extensive travel experience. He traveled half the globe, a successful entrepreneur, a talented photographer, and an erudite. Having visited many countries more than once, he knows exactly which ones deserve the most attention. For himself, he singled out ten places that he especially loves, where he is ready to return again and again.

1. the United States of America

Flaming metropolises, sunny coastlines, white-sand beaches, majestic canyons, national parks, and nature change from state to state. America is the Wild West, Washington permeated with history, California’s pink sunsets, amazing landscapes of Alaska, the legendary Hollywood Hills, tropical Hawaiian Islands, and much more.

Especially David Kaplan recommends visiting the country in autumn to admire the fantastic views of maple forests, firs, mountains, and rocks. Well, how not to admire the strength, power, and beauty of Niagara Falls!

2. Japan

Japan is a unique Asian country: modern Tokyo and a picturesque province, the snow cap of Fuji and cherry blossoms, the magnificent beaches of the Okinawa Islands, and the ancient monuments of Shinto – all this is about the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan is rich in culture, sights, unique holidays, and age-old traditions. The country has many temples of original beauty, sacred places (such as the Emperor’s Residence and the Imperial Palace), and magnificent castles.

Kaplan prefers to travel to Japan in the spring during the cherry blossom season when the country is dressed as if in a pink and white haze, and there is a unique aroma.

One of the main prides of Japan is the ancient capital city of Kyoto, the most important political, economic, and cultural center of the country. If you want to feel the spirit of Japan, be sure to visit the temples and museums of Kyoto. A tour of this beautiful city will give you a lot of impressions.

3. Tibet

One of the summer holidays, according to David Kaplan, should be devoted to the mysterious Buddhist kingdom of Tibet: mysterious lakes, majestic Kailash, an original culture, and religion.

Believers want to get here, looking for spiritual strength and changes for the better. But the rest will also discover beautiful mountain landscapes, unique passes, roads among the rocks, fantastic architecture of Buddhist monasteries, and centuries-old history.

You need to go to Tibet for unity with nature, dreams, and reflection on the eternal to relax, rest and feel peace and a surge of strength.

4. Bora Bora island

Also, a great summer option for travel is the island of Bora Bora. It is a mountain surrounded by coral reefs and other small islands. Bora Bora is one of the most expensive and exciting vacation spots. It is suitable for both beach and outdoor activities.

The hotel is full of entertainment – tennis courts, golf courses, spas, swimming pools, gyms, massage rooms, and more.

The island’s beaches are considered among the best in the world, and the water off the island’s coast is spotless and warm.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and water skiing.

Diving is especially worth paying attention to – the water around the island is obvious, and the underwater world is highly diverse: dolphins, turtles, sharks, and much exotic fish.

5. Italy

So we got to the European part of our planet, for David Kaplan, the undisputed leader of summer holidays in Italy, especially Sicily with its numerous islands.

Ancient monuments from the time of Rome, the charming romance of Venice, the hilly panorama of Tuscany, the southern slopes of the Alps, wonderful nature, sun, Sea, air – all this is Italy. History, modernity, different eras, and rich cultural heritage, traditions, and identity are intertwined in this country.

How many great artists, sculptors, musicians, and actors did Italy give the world. There is no need to talk about the magnificent Italian cuisine – everyone loves it.

6. Germany

Germany is one of the most highly developed and visited countries in Europe. It has many faces and is associated with the Alps and plains of Bavaria, beer and festivals, the leading brands of German cars. At all times, it has attracted travelers not with fantastic beaches and hot sun, but with a rich history, unique forests, fairy-tale castles, rivers, important historical sites, mountain ranges, and shores of the North Sea.

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is home to art and nightlife, the Brandenburg Gate, and many sites associated with World War II.

In Germany, tourists can enjoy amusement parks, exhibition centers, zoos, cozy cafes and restaurants, nightclubs. And how many gardens where you can stroll in the shade of branchy trees, admiring the famous German pedantry and order that is felt in everything: five stars on the facade of the hotel guarantee an appropriate level of service, public transport runs strictly on schedule, beer in a cafe will always be fresh, and signs in settlements make it easy to navigate even for those travelers who came to Germany for the first time.

7. Norway

Fantastic in its beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes. This is a paradise for those keen on skiing: there is a wide variety of slopes for beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

In addition to gorgeous snow-covered slopes, you can also enjoy the Norwegian Sea with its great embankments and fantastic fjords.

Norway is not museums and monuments, and it is a natural beauty. She is ready to show even the northern lights!

8. Scotland

Scotland is attractive with numerous castles and fortresses and with breathtaking landscapes. Businessman Kaplan travels to Scotland to view green hills, steep mountains, and cliffs. However, this is not a relaxing, restful holiday. To see all the beauty, you will have to walk twenty kilometers a day with elevation changes up to 200 meters.

9. Israel

A country with a great history, the birthplace of David Kaplan, famous for its shrines and the healing Dead Sea, welcomes guests all year round.

People go to Israel to visit world-famous sights and visit the holy places where Jesus himself walked and improve their health. Healing water, mud, and even air can cure many diseases.

The city of Jerusalem is already an attraction in itself. Everywhere you find yourself in places from the biblical chronicles – here are fiery hell, and the Garden of Gethsemane, Golgotha, and Via Dolorosa …

Israel’s famous landmark is the Dead Sea itself. Tourists are happy to take pictures, lying on the water with a newspaper in their hands, smeared with healing mud.

10. Russia

Of course, it is impossible to imagine a travel map without a vast, most prosperous, and most beautiful Russia. Here you can endlessly describe colorful territories, unique lakes, long rivers, highest peaks, Sea and ski resorts, as well as healing mineral springs, and much more.

But David Kaplan’s favorite places are Lake Baikal and Altai, places of extraordinary power. Having traveled to so many countries, it was in Altai that Kaplan saw nature from all countries in one place. Several biosphere reserves are concentrated on a relatively small area with representatives of flora and fauna living only here.

In addition, forests and meadows abound with medicinal plants used in folk medicine. People come here for healing water and mud.

Raspberry Lake is a beautiful body of water, the salt content of which is no less than that of the Dead Sea.

Rest is not only the Sea, the sun, and the beach. Pay attention to the recommendations of an experienced traveler and, perhaps, you will discover new places, new types of recreation, a new world. You can download all sorts of movie from Y2 mate com.