Worksheets: success key for students

Some quality numbers of questions presented on sheet or sheets of the paper stated by the teacher to students ensuring them to practice the same refers to the worksheet. These can be given for every subject. These are to be prepared according to the guidelines and syllabus mentioned by CBSE. Nowadays various apps and websites are providing both free and paid worksheets so that students could practice it. These are very helpful for the students as these are segregated according to the student’s level and according to topic or chapter which helps in the topic wise preparation for the exam. 

There are also worksheets designed for the exam point of view. If a student cannot afford worksheets of all the subjects then he/she must practice the subject in which he/she is weak or found difficult. Suppose, most of the students are afraid of mathematics then they can buy or opt only for maths worksheets. Class 7 Maths Cbse worksheets should be designed in such a manner that students can understand the concepts and retain them for a long time. Hence, the worksheets provide the beneficial for revisionary as well as practicing purpose. It helps in effective retaining and helpful for teachers to keep students busy with homework. On these bases, teachers can even assess and evaluate the capability and mental ability of the student.

Effective worksheets should be:-

  • ‌clear and readable
  • ‌Labeled and marked properly
  • ‌Convenient to the age, mental level and capability of students.
  • ‌Not contain any unnecessary borders or graphics.
  • ‌Not be messed up. The use of proper space should be there.
  • ‌Instructions should not be misleading.
  • ‌There should be enough space for writing answers for the students.
  • ‌Images used in the worksheets should be clear and which can be photocopied clearly.
  • ‌Divided into particular sections if possible.
  • ‌Not longer than 2 or 3 sheets.
  • ‌There should be blank space for the personal details of students.
  • ‌Font size should be easy to read.
  • ‌Flexible

Types of worksheets:-

  • ‌Matching worksheets:- In this worksheet, there are two columns on both the size of the sheet and students are supposed to pair the correct answers by connecting them with lines.
  • ‌Word scrambles worksheet:- In this, alphabets are mixed up and students are supposed to rewrite them in the correct order. This helps in the enhancement of vocabulary.
  • ‌Jumbled sentence worksheets:- In this, words are shuffled up and require the students to put them in order.
  • ‌Sorting worksheets:- In this, students are to categorize each item to their related things.
  • ‌Other worksheets:- There can be exercise based on multiple-choice questions, objective type questions, or puzzles, etc.

Hence, it can be concluded that worksheets are a good thing to practice as it enhances their ability to retain and understand the concepts. It should be included in regular schooling activity in the study material. And for the effective learning of the students, there should be the strict guideline to practice worksheets regularly and it should be mentioned in the Cbse class 7 maths study material. Negligence of the same should not be there and the strict action should be taken against the school or teacher not following the rule by the authority.