“Working closely with Emanuele Busnelli has been an enriching experience,” says Interior Design Consultant Desiree Busnelli

Any entrepreneur understands that in order to get any project or venture off to a flying start, it’s essential to learn the tricks of the trade. Most companies need their leaders to be playing the role of a strategist extraordinaire, a client management guru, and a marketing maven – all at the same time. And a lot of times, that’s still not always enough. Today, it’s not sufficient to simply have excellent skills, in order to succeed, what has taken a front seat is the ability to network, regardless of the industry. Many entrepreneurs and professionals alike have experienced the power and outcome of not just networking but collaboration, teamwork, and mentorship. And that’s precisely what the Seattle-based interior design consultant, Desiree Wallis Busnelli, experienced while working with B&B Italia’s CEO Emanuele Busnelli.


As someone close to her grandmother, Kathleen Leavitt – an interior designer, getting drawn to a profession that involved luxury, travel, and creativity, was not surprising. Having grown up watching model homes, and a worldly cultural lifestyle, Desiree’s penchant for the profession advanced with time and soon translated into a reality in the form of her independent establishment at JECHIJO Bespoke Design, in the city of Milano, Italy. This transition, growth, and success, she believes, hasn’t come easy to her, and has taken almost a decade of hard work, persistence, and dedication, coupled with consistency and guidance from the maestros. She’s traveled around the world to sample and find amazing stones, marbles, or fabrics for each individual client to give a custom design.


Along the journey, besides being offered the opportunity to work with A-listers and high-profile individuals, Desiree has been working with Emanuele Busnelli, for a little more than a decade. Further speaking on this, she said, “Emanuele and I have been working together for a lot of years now, and the experience has only gotten better with time. To say that his guidance and our collaboration have enhanced my skills would be an understatement. I believe that’s the beauty of working closely with people from the same industry – the exchange of ideas, different perspectives, and individual expertise give a new layer of meaning to the word learning.”


When asked about the creation that she’s most proud of, Desiree readily points to her office that she has individually curated after years of conceptualizing and many apprehensions. Over time, Desiree has earned a name for her acute sense of interior design and is often hailed as one of the top mompreneurs in the industry. “My profession reminds me of my childhood and roots. I owe everything that I have accomplished to my family because they are the ones behind turning a big dream into reality,” she adds.


As a modern-day and experienced entrepreneur, Desiree recommends that one must stay focused on gathering feedback and input from clients and keeping up with changing trends and technology!