Working closely with a good web designer in Bristol

As with all great collaborations, communication is key. Be clear about your ideas, your business, your audience, and your brand. Web designers will need as much as you can give to them as a means to ensure they are in turn able to do a good overall job for you. Simply, the biggest reason that designers and developers should work together is to create a more complete web project. It is fair to say you can always tell a DIY website from a pro-built website.

Good web designers in Bristol are out there. You just need to do your research to be sure to get one able to work well for you. A better approach is to work collaboratively with your web designer from the outset. You should be involved in seeing initial sketches as well as see where they have got a lot of their other key inspiration too.

Do not try to rush the working design and development process

Increasingly web projects are becoming squeezed by limited budgets or tight deadlines. This is one of the best ways to damage the quality of work you get from your web designer. Producing something truly exceptional takes time. Not just time actively working on the project but elapsed time too. The web designer needs time to consider his options and think about different approaches. The longer you give your web designer to think, the better the work. Of course actual hands on time is incredibly important too. Without it your design will be less polished and the underlying code fail to stand the test of time.

Ask to see the work as it is in progress

Web designers have this habit of working in secrecy when it comes to the look and feel of your site. They like to be briefed and then to go away to work on the design until they are ready to present the final article. Unfortunately in most cases this approach leads to problems. If for some reason the web designer misunderstood the initial brief he could spend days, if not weeks, working on a totally inappropriate design. What is more by the time he presents the design to you he is both emotionally and financially committed to it.

From his perspective it is the perfect solution and he cannot afford to spend long changing it. Unsurprisingly this often leads to conflict. A better approach is to work collaboratively with your web designer from the outset. You should be involved in seeing initial sketches, creating mood boards and wireframes. This ensures that the final design is something that you are both happy with, because you were involved in the process of its creation.


Even if you are working collaboratively with your web designer to produce the look and feel of your site things can still go wrong if you both have different perceptions of the end goal. That is why it is so important that all parties have a clear idea. This is all of what the website business objectives are. These business objectives will act as a plumb line against which you can measure decisions. These are the ones being made in the development of your website. All parties do not just need to share a common perspective of the business objectives, they also need to agree on exactly who the target audiences is.