Work-From-Home Prank Ideas

It’s all about the online hustle right now, isn’t it? We must keep working during this trying time so we can better take care of ourselves in the future. It’s unlikely to think about the future without thinking about retiring. Want to get smarter in pumping up your retirement fund? Here are 10 Investment Ideas for 2021. But hey, enough about the future! The only real thing that we have is the present. So why not have fun with it? While you have to work for your future self, you can still have fun in your job by pulling some hilarious and harmless pranks from time to time. 

Sure, it was easy to pull pranks on your workmates before this gigantic global pandemic began. You’ll just have to look at your target, find the best things/materials to get the pranking going, and voila – you can have the gags that you want! That isn’t as easy to do nowadays because chances are, your workmates are miles away from you. What else? You only have your computer and different installed apps and programs to get everything done. But wait, read that last part again: YOU have your COMPUTER and different APPS AND PROGRAMS to get everything done. If you’re going to ask us, that gives you a ton of opportunities to pull off some funny pranks already. We’ll let you in for a bit of a secret: everything is a good prank opportunity. So if you’re ready to give your officemates the taste of a prankster than you were before this entire work-from-home setup, then you must keep reading to find out the 10 funny work from home pranks we listed down for you!

  1. Prank Call

Trying out a sneaky prank call? Try Ownage Prank’s prank call app! This prank app boasts a collection of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbor randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from funny soundboards and genius prank scripts and performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable. Yes, no need for voice acting rehearsals anymore before calling! More than that, they value your privacy that’s why they have a spoof call feature that uses anonymous caller ID for when you are going to make your pranks. Still not satisfied? You can send them a prank request if you want something more elaborate. Ownage Pranks is that one-stop app for when you want to make a prank call because they have everything!

  1. Zoom Call Pet Takeover Prank

When you are in a Zoom meeting, show off your adorable furry friend and be polite enough to prepare before turning your camera on. Except, it’s not you who will be facing – but your pet! Let them sit on your computer chair and make sure that the webcam is focused on them. The goal of this prank is never to show your face no matter what. Be attentive to the meeting and answer questions when some participants ask you. But make sure that your pet is still in the camera. If you’re going to ask us, that’s one way that you can get out of a boring meeting that should have easily been an email.

  1. Double Co-Worker Prank

This prank depends on what workspace app/program you are using. If you are using a workspace like Slack, you can easily change your name and photo without notifying others. While everyone is offline, change your name into the workmate of your choice. You must use their image too to make it extra realistic. The following working day, confuses every one of who’s who!

  1. Workspace Impostor Prank

This is kind of the same as the Double co-worker prank, but you will need the help of your other workmates this time. First, ask at least three of your workmates to disguise themselves as the workmate of your choice (you can choose one among you.) Next, change to the name and photo of the selected workmate. On the next working day, confuse your colleagues who leave messages in your Slack or Google Teams. If you are going to ask us, something that requires this much effort can make a good April Fools prank!

  1. Fake AR Filter Hat Prank

Do you have a funny hat lying around your living space? The good news is you can fool your workmates that the hat is an AR filter that won’t go off! When you are in a call, make sure to pretend to figure out how to get rid of it, and eventually give up and wear the hat in your meeting like it was against your will. But in reality, you just wanted to show off that hat that you can’t find an occasion to wear it for!

  1. Fake Colleague Prank

This prank will require quite a lot of effort but will surely be worth it! Prepare a fake name, photo, and email address for this fake new workmate that you will have. Let them join the workspace and try to send everyone a message like, “I am looking forward to working with you!” Ask your co-worker if they have met the new guy and tell them how cool they seem and that they should meet too! Observe how long it will take for people to realise that the new workmate is not accurate.

  1. Annoying Emoji Prank

Do you have that one colleague who uses the same emoji that seems annoying in some sense? Well, give them the taste of their own medicine by asking your co-workers to use their favourite emoji against them and see how they will respond to it.

  1. Important Report Prank

Did you know that the counterpart of the question “Did you study for the test?” in college is a cold query of “Did you finish that important report for later?” Let your workmates’ blood turn cold with this chilling question that everyone avoids hearing. Make sure to make up some backup details or stories of what it is for them to believe you even more. Don’t torture them enough, and make sure to tell them that you’re just messing with them. You don’t want a sudden resignation from someone just because of a seemingly harmless joke!

  1. Passing Out Prank

Are you bored in a meeting? Pretend to pass out and fall into your chair! It’s up to you to be creative with this. You can send a private message to a workmate that you are feeling something weird in your chest. Or you can even say it out loud when it is your turn to talk. After saying this, make that falling/fainting stunt so convincing that you might get nominated for the Golden Globes!

  1. You’re Not On Mute Prank

This prank may offend some people, so make sure that you know your victims well before proceeding. When in a meeting, pretend that you have no idea that you are unmuted. Say things like “Yes, I am in a boring meeting that should have been an email.” or something like that. If you want to do something light, just say things like, “I’m about to poop my pants. This meeting is taking too long!” If people point out that you are unmuted, pretend not to notice anything.

Work can be already challenging in itself; what more if you are working during a global pandemic that changes the whole world little by little? Do you know what the world needs now? Some lightening up from people like you who are willing to go an extra mile to goof around and find the fun in doing things. You’re doing great, prankster! Don’t forget to rest when you need to maintain your spirits at a high level.