WordPress Plugins and Themes Can Work Against SEO

In SEO, less is more. There are certain search engine marketing (search engine optimization ) WordPress options, Themes and Plugins that greatly enhance search engine optimization. The exact elements may work against visits from search engines.


Search engine optimization is more than links to content and your site. SEO is qualitative significantly a lot more than quantitative; the caliber is considerably more important than the sum of marketing performed. It is all about making it easy for the Search Engines to know your own content.


I was recently asked to assist a client while they had employed a SEO consultant who had completed scores of search engine optimization tasks however visits from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask were falling. The SEO basics were in place; in-links, meta-elements (description, name and key words from the HTML head section of their page / record), content etc… But something was not wrong!


I then looked over the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on the principal motors and noticed that the description of all these pages and posts were perhaps not exactly what it should’ve been. The major Search Engines do use text from the page itself as well as from DMOZ and such to its SERP descriptions nevertheless it’s most common that the description Meta section text will be used if on article or the webpage.


Why would be the Web Page and Post Descriptions Incorrect?


So was the wrong description text from the SERPs? For this we need to comprehend the structure of the Website itself; WordPress with a Theme frame that is popular is running. Additionally, there are numerous active Plugins (many are very popular Plugins). Taking a look at general installation and the SEO WordPress plugins all looked fine.


Investigating the variables on the numerous Plugins and also the Issue additionally proved that the options have been acceptable (and enhanced toward optimal SEO). Taking a thorough look revealed the SERP descriptions have been wrong; there were at least two description Meta tag elements to every page and article.


Multiple Description Meta in WordPress


Google plus Search Engines take notice of this first description Meta element if the text in that section is incorrect then the description at the SERP will likely be wrong. The thing that was happening on this particular Website was that the head part of the HTML page / record was attaining multiple description text from Plugins, Theme and the various search engine optimization WordPress options.


Some of these are far better than others in the auto-creating description Meta elements text so whichever was that the initial description text from the HTML head section became what the appeared at the SERPS (as an instance, that the ‘related articles’ text was regularly being populated whilst the description Meta text).


WordPress Themes, Themes and Plugins Growing Bad SEO


It had been obvious the search engine optimization adviser didn’t fully know the tech / design fits together and that the Website had been over optimized; the Issue Word Press and also the Plugins have to be considered as a detailed whole as opposed to individually. Individually, the SEO areas of the Website were optimized yet once all of the ‘bits’ (e.g. that the Word press Options, plugins etc.) were working they actually caused greater search engine optimization harm than good.


In the event the SEO consultant had disabled in the place of allowing every search engine optimization option available 24, all SEO options he or she didn’t specifically need a destructive SERP problem wouldn’t have happened.


Problem Resolved – Search Engine Optimization Paying Dividends


The final result is that the damage was reversed. Through focusing on search engine optimization caliber and search engine optimization objectives, the range of visits is advancing. The damage was totally preventable.


Consequently I intentionally have not called the theme nor plugins being used while the SEO deficiencies were brought on by inadequate testing and setup and never through Word Press or the motif or Plugins.