How to Find the WordPress Login URL

After you create a website on the WordPress platform, you will need admin page access. If you don’t have admin page access, you cannot customize the website or blog. Admin is the backend storage where users can write, edit, and delete the post. This area is to manage the site as per the user’s customization. But there is a www WordPress org login Wp-admin page to restrict other users from accessing the page. You need a username and password to access the admin page.

It is generic for new users to have issues searching the admin login page in WordPress. Finding the admin page may trouble you. Now how do you get access to the admin page?  

Relax; it is common for first-time users not to able to find the admin access. In this post, you will know how to find a login page and how it is essential for you.

How to locate the WordPress Admin Login page?  

By default, WordPress uses the standard login URL that’s the same for all blogs. To open it, you need to add /wp-admin at the end of your site’s URL.

WordPress utilizes the default URL the same for all websites and blogs. You will need to type /wp-admin at the closure of your domain.

Default WordPress login URL

Standard WordPress login URL example is

Several other URLs redirect the same page, and your developer can create the page. In case you don’t want default wp-admin URL, then you can locate the login page by typing below the mentioned login page

However, all these URLs will navigate to the same login page? If you are using any of them, then there is no issue. If these additional URLs don’t navigate to the admin page, then get back the default URL.

Generate easy access to the login page 

If you have successfully navigated the login, then you should make it feasible for your shortcut. You can add widget your WordPress home page. Even you can add a login page link to your WordPress admin. You can also bookmark your login page.

How to login to WordPress 

After locating www WordPress org login Wp-admin, you will need to submit a username and password. Admin dashboards appear in front of your screen. In case you have forgotten credentials, then you should choose the “forget password” option. WordPress will send a password retrieval link on your email, and then you need to follow the instructions.  

Visit the WordPress Admin login page

Fill username and password

Click on the login option

WordPress will navigate the dashboard if the login credentials are correct. You can work on your dashboard after login.

You can customize the appearance of your website with the help of plugins. Several plugins provide security features to the website. Even when the site has Error establishing database connection, then you need to delete the plugins, create a new .htaccess file, fill correct database credentials, boost PHP memory of the website, etc.  


Using Remember me the option 

If you carefully look at the login page, you will see a Remember Me option. You can check or uncheck this option. If you choose the yes option, then your username and password will be stored in your web browser. Then you don’t need to enter username and password. When you go to login URL, and the web browser will remember credentials with the help of cookies. This usually stored for two weeks and also depends on your setting. It indicates that, when you again visit the WordPress Admin login page, the browser will identify you as an existing user, and there is no need to enter the credentials again.