Wool Rugs Vs Polypropylene: Which Should You Buy?

Bringing home carpets can add comfort and energy in your house.

You might have decided colors and even designs before buying the rugs. But what about the composition? The home-lovers often opt for two major types of rugs that are: wool and polypropylene rugs.

But which type is the perfect fit for your home?

Both of these come up with certain specialties. So, let’s talk about what wool and polypropylene rugs actually are…


What Are Wool Rugs?

Wool rugs are handwoven and are made up of hundreds of wool knots just to create enthralling patterns and designs.

Further, it takes 3 to 4 months for the artesian to wave one single wool rug which can literally survive for a half-century! Wool rugs also acts as sound insulators where there is so much outdoor noise.

Not to mention, their natural spiral-shaped patterns won’t lose their colors no matter how much foot traffic is bombarded on its surface.

Here’re some more advantages of wool rugs:

  • Act as natural flame retardant
  • Are environment friendly
  • Recovers rapidly from furniture compression
  • Are hypoallergenic

Wool rugs might cost a bit higher but with so many of their incredible benefits, it is worth it!

What Are Propylene Rugs?

Propylene rugs are said to be family-friendly carpets and are loved by the family with children because they’re easy to clean.

No matter, how much you try to protect your beautiful carpets but every now and then they have to bear stains or muddy shoes. Then what? Remove your rug and replace it with another? For how many times a year you’re going to do this? Seems like you’re going to waste a huge portion of your investments in just buying and replacing rugs!

Well, this isn’t the case with propylene rugs!

These floor coverings come up with special anti-stain power and can retain their color no, matter you place them in dust-catching areas near windows or doors.

It is made up of synthetic fiber which cannot be easily damaged by simple cleaning solutions.

Below are listed a few more startling advantages of propylene carpets:

  • Their non-porous composition does not hold any unpleasant smell
  • Its low density and weight never let it sink in water
  • Water-based dirt is not absorbed and is easy to wipe off
  • Retains their coloration for much longer time

Which Should You Choose?

Choosing a rug for your home entirely depends upon your needs and requirement. If you live in a house along with children, then without any doubt go for propylene carpets. Their stain-resistant power can help you keep your house clean on a budget. Apart from that, you can replace them easily after few months without having to spend loads of money!

On the other hand, wool rugs or Ziegler handmade rugs are expensive and long-term contracts. Thus, if you have budget and want to hold your rugs for decades then buy wool rugs.

Want to Decorate Your Home? Go for Wool Rugs

If you love to bring luxurious home decors, then why not buy wool or Baluchi rugs online? Their enticing colors and alluring designs can bring your rooms to life! All types of wool rugs are perfect for decorating your home!

So next time you discover a shop with a sign “Handmade Ziegler rugs for sale”, get inside and bring a unique home décor!

Now, let’s talk about some decoration ideas you can do with your wool rug:

  • Let it shine in the center of your living room
  • Hang these excellently hand-woven rugs on your walls
  • Cover your stairs and bedrooms
  • Use heavily designed rugs for plain rooms

Have a Swimming Pool in Your House? Bring Propylene Carpets

Well, if you have a swimming pool in your house, then probably you would want some carpets to keep your area clear of water drops.

In this case, buying propylene rugs is a perfect idea!

As discussed above, they cannot sink in water and placing them near the pool or in your bathroom can really save your floor from getting wet!

Pro-Tip: Keep Your Rugs Clean!

Dirty rugs can bring oodles of menacing bugs and a hotbed for bacteria. Such floor coverings pose a life-threatening danger for your beloved family members.

You talk about Ziegler handmade rugs or propylene rugs, cleaning them is essential if you want to breathe in a human-friendly environment!

Here is how you can clean different types floor cloths:

How to Clean Wool Carpet?

No doubt, buying a wool rug is a lucrative investment but cleaning this floor cloth is not less than a huge hassle, if you don’t know how to it!

Below are listed some proven ways to clean your woolen rugs:

  • Sake it outside for a minute or half
  • Vacuum your wool rugs
  • Beat your carpet with a rug beater
  • Steam cleaning is a perfect way to renew your wool rugs!
  • Sprinkle dry powders but not regularly
  • Use home remedies for spot cleaning

How to Remove Germs from Propylene Rugs?

Cleaning propylene carpets are way easier than wool rugs.

Here’re some tips for you:

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the dust particles
  • Buy a long-handle brush and start cleaning with a detergent
  • Pressure spray it with water
  • Vacuum it to remove dust particles

Now you know that not all types of rugs are suitable for every home! So, make a list of your requirements and then decide which floor covering is an ideal fit for your house.