Wooden pallets: 5 ideas for their maintenance

The wooden pallets can store, inventory, organize and distribute all merchandise in an easy, orderly and safe manner.

For this, it is important to carry out constant and appropriate maintenance to prolong the life of the wooden pallets. This way you can save when it’s time to replace materials from the warehouse.

 5 ideas for the maintenance of wooden pallets

This task is not difficult at all as long as we follow the following recommendations for the maintenance of your Wooden Blank Boxes Online:

  • Define if there is wear or cracks in any of the supports, to replace or seal, before the lack of support in any of the boards impacts the others.
  • Storage place. To avoid fungi it is important to keep them in a dry place. In addition, it must be installed on a flat surface and avoid prolonged sun exposure, which can extend the life of the deck for up to three years.
  • Wood pallets require a forklift to move them. Full hold and smooth positioning is important in this process to reduce wear.
  • Fixing the load. It is important to distribute the load evenly, as well as the recommended weight per pallet, to avoid premature wear.
  • Storage order. Determining a flat place to order the merchandise is essential to ensure that it will not collapse at any time. In addition, it must be taken into account how many blocks can be added on each row of pallets.

How to organize the merchandise on wooden pallets?

We must take into account the following tips to organize your merchandise optimally on wooden pallets:

  • Try not to overflow them; accommodating your merchandise only within the perimeter of your pallet, in this way the weight is distributed equally to facilitate its transport.
  • Never step the products! They should always form a straight line and avoid the “ladder” shape so that the objects do not overflow when lifting the pallet.
  • Keep all your products aligned to avoid bulges that collapse the content. In this way you can keep the weight proportional to prevent your pallets from tipping.

By following these recommendations, we can maintain the safety of our merchandise and team of workers and in this way guarantee that our product will always be in optimum condition and ready for shipment.

 Wooden pallet solutions

At Debbiespallets we make pallets of different sizes, taking into account the specific needs of each client. With these precepts we develop solutions that allow you to order and transport the merchandise in an efficient way and with the support of the quality that our products offer.

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Thanks to all our years of experience, we can guarantee you excellent quality wooden pallets manufactured based on the universal guidelines for this type of packaging so that your products reach the final recipient easily and safely.