Wood Chips for Grilling: Determine the Different Types for Perfect Use

There is nothing more enjoyable than grilling during the warm summer months. Amazingly, cooking and grilling with your beloved ones strengthen your bonds and relationship with them. Also, you can learn more about grilling a great variety of new dishes.

BBQ, steaks, roast and beef are the best items to grill, especially when planning an outdoor trip. That’s why selecting the right grilling equipment truly matters because inappropriate equipment can leave your food undercooked or overcooked.

Gladly, when you choose to grill with Wood Chips Singapore, you can inculcate the meat with mouth-watering flavours that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Indeed, you can use all different types of wood chips while grilling. However, you must know that some chips go well specific kind of meat.

You can consider the following combination to make your meat flavoursome while grilling it.

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Types of Wood Chips

Are you a beef lover? Is it your desired type of meat?

If so, then cherry, oak, or mesquite wood chips are perfect for beef’s exceptional taste and aroma.


It is a fantastic choice if you have chosen some Tax-Max food for your menu.


As the name says, cherry wood chips can give some fruity flavour to meat with a slight hint of sourness.

Lamb is considered one of the most costly cuts of meat. That’s why; it is necessary to choose a specific type of wood chip that enhances its taste. You can use cherry wood chips to grill lambs as this particular type of wood chips give a heavenly savour to grilled lamb.  It provides an incomparable taste that cannot be explained in words.

Maple & Apricot

No denial, chicken is quite delicate than meat. That’s why; using subtle wood chips ensures you that you are not disturbing the unique flavour of the chicken. Pecan, hickory, maple and apricot are some outlandish choices when you want to grill juicy chicken.

Maple and apricot are apt to make your chicken taste a little sweet. Conversely, if the nutty flavour is your key preference, then you can use pecan wood chips without any second thought.


Interestingly, pecan chips give a magical taste when you grill a duck. Usually, most people avoid cooking and grilling duck. But we assure you that you won’t regret the decision of eating grilled duck, especially when you have chosen pecan grill for this purpose.

Undoubtedly, most people cook a turkey on thanksgiving. But it’s your choice as you can enjoy it at any time of the year. Don’t forget to grill turkey using pecan wood chips.


If you can’t decide which wood chips are best for your meat, then you can opt for hickory chips in this case. It goes well with all different types of meat. Pork tastes yummy when you grill it using hickory chips. Also, ham steaks and pork chops give a different flavour when grilling them with hickory chips.

You can add apricot chips with hickory to double the savour and aroma of any grilled meat. Also, they give soft tender to meat. So, the selection of hickory is not a wrong decision, mainly when you have no idea about the ideal type of wood chips.


Nowadays, grilling seafood has become the latest trend. Interestingly, unique grates and pan are available to grill seafood perfectly. Oakwood chips are best for grilling fish and other seafood.  You can also use apple, alder or maple chips as the choice is all yours.

Alder is an incredible choice to keep the flavour natural. Similarly, if you want to taste the best fish with an extraordinary flavour, grill it with apple wood chips.

Wood Chips: An Ideal Choice for Grilling

The great thing about wood chips is that they are available at affordable rates in hardware stores or online. Online stores are always an excellent option if you choose or buy different varieties of wood chips.

However, before buying wood chips, keep in mind that hardwood chips last longer than softwood chips.

Whether you want to grill lamb or crave roast chicken, the selection of good quality chicken truly matters. Don’t forget to drain or soak the wood chips before using them for grilling purposes.

If you plan to buy any wood chips online, use the renowned shop for this purpose. Always check all different types of wood chips before you purchase your order.

You can check customer reviews and ratings to ensure that you have chosen the reliable and reputed site to buy top-quality wood chips and Singapore Grill. So, buy the desired wood chips and grill meat a unique fusion.