Wondershare PixCut- Burning New Features Changing the Narrative

Photo editing tools are in fashion these days. Wondershare PixCut is the kind of tool that lets creative professionals unleash their imagination and use it to create history.

PixCut has several uses in different fields that make it highly workable in the long run. The users can incorporate this practical application in eCommerce to communicate with the clients and enhance sales. Moreover, it has a massive range of motion in social networking websites to make a design statement.

Wondershare PixCut also performs a bewildering job in a car dealership as it creates professional pictures and drives conversation. One can also rely on this tool in marketing and graphic designing. 

Key Features of Wondershare PixCut

Wondershare PixCut comes up with an extensive range of critical features that have made it successful so far. A detailed insight into such traits helps the user make a spellbound impact on the target audience. Following are some significant features of Wondershare PixCut.

Background Remover

The background of the image can be removed through this fantastic feature. The targeted picture can be uploaded through the system, and it can be dropped onto the interface. The user can also use the URL link of the image to move on. After that, the tool offers the option to download the imagery free in the standard quality or HD.

An “Edit” option is also offered if the user wants to insert a different background. PixCut automatically removes the background and saves time. 

Bulk Background Remover

The following key feature makes the whole photo editing process efficient and effective. Graphic designers and other creative professionals are always looking for tools to perform more work in minimal time. That’s when Wondershare PixCut comes in.

The user can upload or drop images in bulk to remove the background. The tool allows 30 images at one time and saves time. After pictures are uploaded, tap “Start to Remove.” It will altogether remove the background of all projects.

Watermark Remover

Watermark Remover is yet another good attribute introduced by PixCut. With this, one can remove watermarks, defects, and even scratches in the imagery. A professional can put this feature to use and get rid of any unwanted object.

watermark and image background remover features

Upload or drop the targeted project. Make use of the brushstroke option to remove the watermark. One can also reduce or enhance the size of this brushstroke based on the watermark. After that, hit “Remove Objects” and get over this problem.

Image Enlarger

Wondershare PixCut also enlarges the relevant image up to 4x while maintaining the quality. After the targeted imagery is uploaded, the tool takes the user to a new page. It is where the image is enlarged, and output is displayed. One can download without a watermark and get done with the process.

Burning New Features of Wondershare PixCut

Wondershare PixCut is continuously evolving. It has introduced burning new features to make the life of creative professionals easy and efficient. The section brings some detailed insight into some of those features.

Windows and macOS Software

PixCut allows different operating systems such as Windows and macOS software to download the tool and enjoy its unmatched services. One can remove the backgrounds of the imagery in bulk in nanoseconds. There is no restriction of images, and quality remains the same, making it workable and viable.

The customized editor tool is coming soon. It would allow the user to edit the project after the background has been removed.

Android Application

As we are hooked to our smartphones, we often prefer performing menial tasks instead of using systems and laptops. The user can upload the photo from their Android phone and remove the background in a matter of seconds.

The AI technology can be accessed from the palm of hand without carrying systems wherever graphic designers move.

Figma Plugin

Wondershare PixCut Figma Plugin has changed the narrative with the way it removes the background from pictures. The user can install this feature and remove 60 images for free in a month.

Using Figma Plugin is easy. For once, you are supposed to sign up in PixCut and access a free app key. Choose the targeted picture and use the “Background Remover” feature through the “Plugins” menu. The process is completed where the user finds the result with original size and quality.

Shopify Plugin

The next feature on the list is Shopify Plugin. It has its deep roots in eCommerce, where an entrepreneur can change the product image size in the blink of an eye.

Shopify Plugin has eased the whole process. One can save the background changed images to Shopify and replace the background with a preset color. This burning feature has revolutionized the market by dealing with background shade, image frames, and product objects. The customized background editor is just around the corner.


API permits the user to incorporate this technology into one’s application using few code lines. There are multiple environments in which the PixCut API is present. It includes CURL, NODE.JS, PYTHON, PHP, JAVA, and .NET.

It is an easy to integrate process where output images are accessed in JSON-encoded data or image files. The resultant resolution is up to 16 megapixels. The picture is sent, and a transparent PNG with removed background is accessed in seconds. It is vital to provide the application with the image having a foreground.

Final Words

The world is filled up with creative professionals who play with the imagery to earn a living for their families. Therefore, the extensive range of applications in the market that make the editing process efficient is not surprising. It is crucial to choose the tool that favors the nature of work occurring in the relevant industries. 

Wondershare PixCut has applications in marketing, media, and graphic designs. With its unmatched services and bewildering features, people use it to meet their deadlines and work like a pro. All creative professionals are recommended to have a glance at what PixCut is bringing to the table.