Wondering the Best Way to Bulk Up? Do These 3 Things

You’re looking at yourself in the mirror, and you ask “What’s the best way to bulk up?” You’re looking pretty good after today’s workout sess. But those rear delts are looking a little on the small-side, and your lats could use some inflating.

Adding on muscle is difficult, but there’s a tried and true way of doing it. It might surprise you how easy it is to pack on bulk.

Try these 3 things to add muscle to your physique.

1. Eat, And Don’t Stop Eating

Putting on muscle is easy when you know how to eat. It might sound counterintuitive to eat in excess to get into shape, but it’s the truth.

Our bodies function entirely on units of energy, they’re known as calories. These calories are what fuel our lives. They’re the source of energy behind our brain functionality, our metabolism, and our muscle operation.

You’ve likely counted calories before, and they’re the same thing you’re thinking of. They come from the nutrients in food.

To gain any sort of mass, you must eat more than what your body requires to function. This energy threshold is called your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). It’s a number that can be calculated based on weight, height, and age.

Your TDEE is how much food you must eat to maintain your current weight. Adding muscle to your body requires you to eat more than this limit.

But, beware: your body will undoubtedly store some of these calories in fat. That’s why it’s good to do bulk-cut cycles, to trim the fat gained from bulking.

2. Get a Hypertrophic Routine

Adding muscle to your body can be finicky. It requires you to eat right in conjunction with working out.

Most people overlook this, but workout routines should not be universally selected. Some offer benefits for one type of training, whereas others exceed in different aspects.

To add bulking muscle to your body, you need a hypertrophic routine. This is a workout method for bodybuilding, not powerlifting or endurance.

Hypertrophy can be achieved by doing a few sets of many reps – but not too many, otherwise, it’ll be endurance training.

3. The Best Way to Bulk Up is Consistency

The best way to get big is to be consistent.

It is by far the hardest part of working out. Getting up out of your cozy bed to go to the gym isn’t an easy thing to do. But it’s at its hardest in the very beginning – you’ll get used to the schedule.

Don’t fret about missing a day or two. But be wary of that downward trend; missing too many days will set a precedent.

If you can’t find the time to be consistent, this article might be of use to explore alternative ways on how to build muscle.

Now Look at Yourself in the Mirror

Adding muscle takes months, and even years, of hard dedication to your body. The work required to add any weight is commendable. There is a best way to bulk up, though.

You have to eat in excess and work out consistently. You should pick a routine that’s high in hypertrophy.

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