Women’s Care and all it involves

Women’s health can be more complicated than men’s, especially concerning reproductive system issues. This is because the role of men in procreation is minute compared to women. Women not only have to be in good health to receive and provide a site for fertilization, but also they have to provide care for a growing fetus which can be sensitive to many issues. Womens Care facilities have been introduced and developed to deal with these concerns as comprehensively as possible. Women’s care and what it entails are further discussed below.

What is Women’s care?

This is a sector of medicine that focuses on detecting, treating, and maintaining ailments and issues affecting a woman’s mental and physical well-being. This care involves various specialties with a focus on areas like:

·         Female cancers like those of the ovary or breast

·         Sexually transmitted infections, birth control, and gynecology

·         Hormone therapy and menopause

·         Mammography

·         Pregnancy and childbirth

·         Osteoporosis

·         Women and heart disease

·         Sexual health

·         Benign issues affecting how female reproductive organs work

Preventative care and screenings

Preventative care services for women include:

·         HPV testing and pap smears

·         Regular gynecological checkups, including breast and pelvic exams

·         Bone density testing

·         Discussions involving colon cancer screening

·         Breast cancer screening

·         Health lifestyle risk assessment

·         Immunizations depending on age

·         Screenings for STIs

·         Hormonal testing for menopause

Breast care services

These mostly involve checking for and treating breast cancer, such as:

·         Breast MRI scan

·         Breast biopsy

·         Genetic testing and counseling for those with personal or family history of breast cancer

·         Breast ultrasound

·         Mammography

·         Chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal therapies

·         Breast reconstruction and mastectomy

Physicians doing breast care can also detect and handle noncancerous tissues of the breast like:

·         Lymphedema condition involving swelling due to excess fluid accumulation in tissues

·         Benign breast lumps

Sexual health services

Your sexual health care is as important as your overall health. Some sexual health services for women involve:

·         Prevention, identification, and treatment of STDs

·         Birth control options

·         Therapies did deal with sexual function issues

Reproductive health services and gynecology

These services help deal with multiple issues like:

·         Presence of high-risk HPV

·         Abnormal pap smears

·         Bacterial vaginosis

·         Abnormal vaginal bleeding

·         Heavy menstrual cycles

·         Endometriosis

·         Vaginal infections

·         Irregular menstrual cycles

·         Pelvic inflammatory disease

·         Ovarian cysts

·         Polycystic ovary syndrome

·         Pelvic pain

·         Uterine fibroids

·         Premenstrual dysphoric disorder and premenstrual syndrome

·         Vaginal yeast infection

·         Vaginal and uterine prolapse

·         Issues affecting your vulva

Pregnancy and childbirth services

These services need to be done regularly and involve:

·         Prenatal care, including postpartum care and delivery

·         Planning and preparing for pregnancy through getting necessary recommendations about prenatal vitamins, proper diet, and going through pre-existing medical issues and medications involved

·         High-risk pregnancy care

·         Nursing and breastfeeding

Women’s care should begin in childhood and adolescence when your reproductive system becomes functional. This helps continuous provision assessment of your healthcare to deal with upcoming issues easily. For more about women’s care, check our website or call our offices in Tampa, FL.