Women & Real Estate: Here Is What You Have Been Missing

Women are dominating and controlling the real estate industry. According to the National Association Of Realtors, the majority of realtors are women accounting for 64%. However, it concerns that women still face challenges in the real estate industry. Some of these challenges include; pay inequality, gender discrimination, and limited leadership roles. 

Afroditi Krozos Aguilar is already showing leadership in the industry. She is an entrepreneur, COO, and team leader at Dean Aguilar Group. Besides, Afroditi offers strong leadership and business skills with service forward and client care as the number one focus. She believes that training and development are the keys to scaling. But what was Afroditi’s motivation to join the real estate industry?

Joining The Industry

For a stunning two decades, Afroditi was in a comfortable career. She had been in multiple male-dominated fields and excelled at a rapid speed. However, she wanted to grow her business. She had to start from the bottom and learn all of the sales skills that would help her succeed. The transition was easy. Afroditi took all of the service backing and team development to grow her real estate business. Guess what? Afroditi scaled fast!. 

Afroditi now has 30 agents on track and aiming to hit the 50 mark by the end of 2021. She sold $15 million in her first year and has grown every year since. But why are most women not growing in the business as they ought to?

Lessons Women Realtors Should Learn

In your quest to be independent and achieve financial freedom as a woman, you should understand that business is business. As you continue to build your business, you should avoid getting emotional about it. The following are some of the critical aspects to put into consideration as a woman realtor, if you want to grow:

  1. Listen Before You Speak

Listening before you speak is an excellent habit to develop as a realtor. It is a crucial factor in real estate, regardless of the market. Agents or realtors who are good listeners are more productive and close more deals. Why? Because they better understand the customers’ needs and what is expected of them. Listening helps you make well-informed decisions. 

  1. There Is Always Someone Who Knows More

Once you understand that someone knows more than you, you will appreciate other people’s talents. Acknowledging this fact helps you to boost your morale in the business. You will also be able to build trust in relationships. In the process, you will also learn to improve your effectiveness and innovative results. 

  1. Taking The Ego & Emotions Out Of Everything

Research shows that women display a higher emotional response as compared to men. However, ego and emotions never work in real estate. These feelings can push people away from you, making you less compassionate. It will also stop you from growing. Ego will make you competitive in an unhealthy way. In the long run, you will find that you have lost essential deals and potential customers.

  1. Give Your Team A Voice

Start taking your team’s voice to the next level. You can achieve this by providing transparency, recognizing and rewarding participation, give feedback for future performance, and make active listening a priority. The most significant achievement in the real estate industry is seeing success from the team you teach. 

Why You Need To Embrace Challenges

Challenges are meant to grow us. It is not a secret that there will always be challenges in business and especially in the real estate industry. But how should women handle challenges? Should they give up or go on lamenting? Not at all.

When Afroditi Krozos Aguilar was stepping foot in the industry, she had self-doubt. The transition from being an entrepreneur and running her own business was massive. However, she overcame it. Learning to time block and schedule are minor things but have a huge impact when you have no one telling you the schedule. You also need to create systems and processes to keep you aligned and surround yourself with people who have done it at a WAY higher level! Always count challenges as a blessing and a stepping stone to take you to the next level. 

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