Women and mental health during the pandemic phase – Brian C Jensen shares his insight

The pandemic outbreak has affected our lives in many ways. On one end, it has led to umpteen deaths, and on the other hand, it has resulted in an economic downswing. People have lost their job and are in a phase of uncertainty about their employment. Also, the danger of getting affected by the virus is still prevalent. Hence, it impacts the mental health of both men and women. And when it comes to women, stress impacts them differently than men. Career-driven women need to take care of their mental health during this pandemic phase.

Helpful mental health guidelines by Brian C Jensen

Prolonged stress and anxiety can wreak havoc in a woman’s body. It can result in hormonal imbalances, which in turn leads to physical discomforts of many kinds. Excess stress can also lead to panic attacks and confusion. A few ways in which women can avert this are:

  1. Create a work-life balance while working from home

Most career-driven women in high job profiles have to work from home under the given circumstances. And since most companies are limiting their workforce, there is a chance that women have to take on more work than they used to do before. Hence, it is essential not to get into a cycle of overwork. For this, women need to have a correct work-life balance. They should refrain from working round the clock. They shouldn’t skip on other essential activities as well. That can lead to a total imbalance and can disrupt a woman’s mental and physical health, according to Brian C Jensen.

  • Exercise daily

The current situation can increase one’s mental stress. Hence, it is necessary to get into activities to help you bring down the tension and anxiety. One of the best ways to do that is by getting into a daily routine of exercise. You can practice Pilates, yoga, and aerobics daily and keep yourself fit. If you want, you can also practice brisk walking every day for 30 minutes and add to your physical agility. It will enable women to release stress and produce feel-good hormones, which help balance out the existing stress. When you get into a daily exercise routine, you can also shed your excess weight, which leads to physical problems. And since we are already in a pandemic phase, it’s best to stay away from any physical problems.

  • Writing a journal

Women are emotional, and they feel a range of emotions during the day. And since it’s a challenging phase, women might have several layers of thought that they find complex to express. And not being able to express one’s thoughts can lead to acute sadness and depression. One of the best ways to manage thoughts and emotions is to write a journal. Brian C Jensen says that it can help women face their thoughts and know how they are feeling. It also helps them to release their emotions to the pages of a diary and feel relaxed than before.

Women need to attend to their physical and mental health well during this challenging phase. By following the guidelines mentioned above, women can take good care of their mental health.