Woman in the Right: Need For Gender Justice

Winning the apt rights for women is like the zeitgeist of the present time. Women in the Right is something like a crying need of the present situation when women are still being oppressed and subjected to tyranny in many parts of the world.


There’s some sort of grim violence that is being exercised on the women on a global scale. There are places on Earth, where a.girl child is still sacrificed in the name of religion. Even in America which is a land of opportunities, a girl child could succumb to discrimination, slavery as well as violence.


Gender bias needs to be addressed

It’s the aspect of gender bias which often creates a great deal of trouble as well as discomfiture for women. These situations need to have some redressal. It’s not at all an easy task. You should know it for a fact that you will have to be working hard to get gender bias sorted. Communities and the entire society would have to change their outlook about the opportunities which women should derive from society. This is some kind of a task that needs a strong movement.


So, what should be the human rights of every woman?

The human rights of every woman as an individual should be specified in the aptest fashion. So, here is a close look at what should be in the limelight as human rights for every woman.

  • Fair livelihood
  • Equal wages
  • Rights to own properties
  • Rights to vote
  • Right for education


These are the basic rights for women which still get violated in many places in a number of ways. It’s done in this way only because of gender discrimination. There are places where girls would be denied of their rights to these civic amenities.


If that continues to happen to girls and women, it is to be considered a shame for society. Gender bias needs to be addressed. It is high time to change the heart. At the same time, a lot needs to be performed in connection with the policies as well as the legal aspects. More and more women organizations need to take a nosedive into the scenario.


Prevention of violent crime done against women

 The enthusiastic women organizations would have to take astringent as well as a strong stand against the wave of violent crime which gets done on women. It’s important to keep stringent restraint and impasse on different instances of sexual assaults and domestic violence. If these two aspects are curved then you can expect society to be a better place to live in for both men as well as women.


Let’s protect the girl child

 In order to ensure as well as protect equality and the same level of respect for women, you will need to work on the grass root levels. You can do something about it when you are going to prohibit female genital mutilation in the first place. You must not let the girl child die during pregnancy. It is in fact the most important step towards making a discrimination-free society. If you are going to accomplish this objective, then the world around you will truly be beautiful.


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Women in the Right is driven by the cause of helping women become exceptional ones. The ultimate objectives of the entity are to help and support each other in times of need.


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