WOBL: App to Change Your Walking Experience

Many people do not love to walk. As a result, they can not gain the health benefits associated with it. Researchers say it is better to walk to your office rather than taking a UBER ride. This is because, it makes you healthier, saving money is a plus.

Whether you love to walk or not, WOBL can help you to gain your daily goals of walking. WOBL is more like a social walking app rather than only being a pedometer app.

For people who love to walk with partners, WOBL could be a great solution for them during this pandemic, COVID19. It could be a great app for those who hates walking by motivating them to walk socially. Walking in group is more advantageous than walking alone as found by researchers. This is because, by walking in groups you are actually accomplishing two tasks simultaneously. The first one is walking that is needed to keep your body fit and other one is, socializing, that keeps our mind fresh and helps to keep mind free from depression.

How does it work?

Already mentioned, WOBL is a social walking app, specifically designed to improve your walking experience by providing you data, charts and so on. The best thing is that like other social media you can make connections with your friends and family within the app. This connection is not only a connection only, it provides the data that is useful for that specific walking community. How?

By using WOBL you can create daily goals for your walking or similar activities, and challenge your walking partners to do that. When your friends or partners did the same job, WOBL creates data to show who is the winner. Woohoo, great, isn’t it? The creation of the leaderboard motivates others who are not interested to take a brief walk to complete the task and thus improving the overall health of the community. Moreover, WOBL will send the notification to be active or to do certain tasks to make the walk accomplishment. All data is provided in colour coded, easy to understand format and in real-time so that you do not lag behind others. It is like taking a virtual walk with the person you are connected to

The communication feature of this app is awesome. You can chat with the partners at any time.

The WOBL app does not require any GPS connection. Everyone knows GPS connection consumes a lot of phone battery. If you are using WOBL, you are free from this problem.

Thinking of losing your walking achievements? WOBL won’t let it happen. It will store your walking data, activities data in secure unlimited cloud storage, that is accessible at any time.

The user interface is quite easy and mind grabbing that will help you to keep motivated to walk for long distance.

How to get WOBL?

To get the WOBL application you can visit wobl.app. WOBL is also now available for iOS on App Store. There are two versions available: Basic and Pro version. To know people’s feeling and updated news about WOBL social walking app you can follow them on Twitter too.