Wiz Khalifa Launched HotBox Restaurants With Stoner Themed Dining Across US

Wiz Khalifa knows very well how hungry a person can get when they’ve smoked a blunt. He also knows what kind of food hits the spot just right, and this is likely what prompted him to open a restaurant.

The rapper is launching a HotBox restaurant in many different cities across the United States. 

Working With Nextbite

Wiz Khalifa has partnered up with Nextbite and came up with the idea of HotBox by Wiz to give his fans and all lovers of food something to enjoy.

The restaurants follow the ‘ghost restaurant’ style of providing people with food. There are no actual restaurants – the food is ordered and delivered straight to the doors of customers.

Deliveries will be done by Postmates, UberEats, Doordash, and GrubHub.

The restaurants officially opened on 1 October in many different locations. The first cities to get treated to a menu curated by Wiz Khalifa himself were L.A, New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver, San Diego, Washington D.C. and Houston.

Of course, Pittsburgh also saw a HotBox restaurant open for business – it’s where the rapper is based after all.

Fans are also invited to vote for the cities they want more restaurants to open in. The musician will be taking the votes into consideration before opening new locations.

A Scrumptious Menu

Although Wiz said that his meals are great for anyone who enjoys weed, none of the food are edibles. 

However, he made sure to put some really tasty options on the menu, including brownies with a hot fudge sauce.

There are burnt brisket ends aptly called Blazed Ends, the Taylor Gang Turkey Burger and Mac & Yellow (macaroni and cheese to choose from.

HotBox by Wiz also offers a few healthy alternatives that still look and sound delicious. This includes grilled chicken and blackened salmon as well as chicken salad.

The menu also has different varieties of buffalo Wiz wings with sauces and sides as well as Classic Fried Mac Bites.

It is expected that the menu will grow over time with many more mouth-watering dishes to be added in the future.

If you’re going by how the current meals look, it will be perfect for anyone with munchies. 

It’s definitely not a coincidence that the slogan for the new HotBox restaurants is ‘light up, bite down’. With that said, the food is still good enough for a family get-together or game night with close friends.

Ideas For Fans Who Want Edibles

Many peeps weren’t all that impressed when they discovered that Wiz Khalifa wouldn’t be serving up weed-infused food. He is one of the biggest and proudest cannabis smokers in the music industry so it was kind of expected.

It seems he opted to create something that can be enjoyed by the whole family instead.

However, they can add a few items to the menu themselves in the comfort of their homes. HotBox’s brownies can be enjoyed with marijuana-flavoured ice cream. This kind of ice cream is also great on its own.

Alternatively, they could drink a cup of cannabis tea with their meal or before chowing down on a burger.   The HotBox Wiz Khalifa created, will be something deliciously fabolous.

CBD as an Alternative to MJ 

While marijuana has many advocates for the good that it can do the body, not everyone is into getting high.

Luckily for them, they can enjoy all the benefits of MJ without ever spacing out. They can simply use CBD – Cannabidiol.

It is just as effective as the raw drug but much ‘safer’ in that it doesn’t contain much Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s THC that causes the high and in most cases, CBD contains only about 2% of it. 

It is available in different forms and you’ll most likely find it as ointments, gels, oils or topicals. 

There is no denying the good that cannabis does for the body and when used in the right ways, it can truly change people’s lives.

If you’re interested in finding out how CBD can work for you, go ahead and make use of this: Medterra coupon. You’ll be surprised at all the applications cannabis really have.

And of course, if you live in a city where Wiz’ new creations are available, download the food delivery app for your area or a city you’re visiting, and get the chompers ready.   In advance you can also prepare yourself by reviewing the full menu of HotBox carry-out: see here.