with when repairing your iPhone is the two Penta lobe

First things first that you must know is that repairing an iPhone on your own is no child’s play. Taking on a DIY iPhone repair project is a high-end job that requires expertise and knowledge.

Well, if you have both of them, then you can say “yes” to DIY iPhone repair. Aside from gathering iPhone replacement parts from a genuine iPhone repair parts wholesale USA distributor, you need a complete tool kit...................................................................

If you don’t have the essential tools, then it is impossible to repair your iPhone. You may do more damage to your iPhone with the wrong set of tools. Here we have listed some of the essential tools that you need for DIY iPhone repair.

  1. Pentalobe and Y-tip Screwdriver
    The first thing that you will be dealing with when repairing your iPhone is the two Penta lobe screws at the bottom of the iPhone. The primary purpose of these screws is to hold the screen to the body of the iPhone.

So, if you are dealing with a cracked screen or internal damage, then you got to remove the screen. For this, you need to use the Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the screws at the bottom.

The next tool that you must include in the tool kit is the Y-tip screwdriver. This one is needed if you have iPhone 7 or the newer version. You must have this special screwdriver if you have this model of iPhone or the next versions of it.

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  1. Nylon Spudger
    This one is specifically used to separate the connectors in your iPhone. The connectors of the battery, home button and screen that keeps the iPhone intact.

With the use of nylon spudger, you can conveniently separate these connectors without causing any punctures or damage. You can also use this spudger to put in other parts of the iPhone or flex cables to it.

  1. Magnetic Mat
    Now, your iPhone has many components and parts. When you disassemble them, chances are you may lose if you don’t keep them securely. This is the reason why using a magnetic mat can help you solve this problem.

You won’t lose a screw or any component with the use of this magnetized mat. All the screws will stick on the mat and will keep them intact in place...................................................................

  1. Ice Tray
    Here’s something homely that you can use in your DIY iPhone repair project. Using an ice tray can be highly useful to keep the screws separately and in place. For a simple DIY repair project as well, you need to remove at least 15 screws.

Keep the screws safely and separately using an ice tray. The different cube space will help you to keep the screws separately.

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So, what are you waiting for? If you have taken on the DIY repair project, then make sure to update your tool kit with the above enumerated essential tools. Whether for parts replacement from authentic iPhone repair parts wholesale USA distributor or any other repair project, get these necessary tools now.