Wish to Continue Further Study in Australia? Check This Definitive Guide

Alright, lads! Let’s face it!!!

There is no turning back now. It is time to make a decision.

As much as the COVID situation did tie us within walls, we all learned to survive, move-on, and excel at the mercy of digital transformation. If you visit this article, you are most likely either through with your VET (Vocational Education and Training) from TAFE (Australian Technical and Further Education) institutes or Bachelor from a university.

Now, you are sitting inadvertently (and gazing at the fan probably), pondering about the most critical question. Yes, whether to further study in Australia, what are the advantages & benefits of continuing studies in Australia, or to start looking for a job relevant to your degree?

The on-going COVID-19 situation has baffled most of the industry sector. However, with the vaccination trial going around, major economies have started to show promising course. Let us understand the current market job scenario with a video.

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When it comes to drawing a mental picture, the following four options seem to occupy the thought-space. They are to:

  1. Complete further studies (don’t forget to extend your overseas student health cover)
  2. Return to your home country
  3. Extend your stay in Australia
  4. Apply for permanent residency

Of course, you would know the first-hand advantages of studying in Australia. However, let’s quickly recap for those who don’t.

Benefits of Studying in Australia:

  • ESOS (Education Service for Overseas Students) Act protects the rights of international students studying in Australia
  • Meeting highest quality standard through CRICOS Code
  • Quick and easy-to-follow Visa process
  • Offering multifarious courses and qualifications such as Certificate I-IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, etc
  • Favourable intakes, affordable tuition fee, work opportunities, pleasant weather & more
  • English language courses such as IELTS, Online PTE coaching, TOEFL, CAE, OET, etc.

If you wish to select -1 and continue your further studies in Australia, then there is a pool of options available to explore. Moreover, further study in Australia would help you develop skills and knowledge, explore new career trajectories, qualify for post-study work opportunities, and much more. We will learn about it in a couple of minutes.

But first, let summarize & quickly evaluate your options to return, extend or go for permanent residency.

Return to Home Country

It must be some dire situation if you choose not to travel, live or work in Australia. Depending upon the situation back home, one might have to begin from scratch. Either way, you would be carrying a new experience of being an international student in your home country. Additionally, new friends, a more in-depth perspective, an outlook, and newly attained skills & knowledge will help you on your new path.

Extending Your Stay

After studying in Australia, if you wish to extend your stay in Land Down Under, there are multiple options. Find out your best intention and the reason to stay back and apply for the same on the department of home affairs website. You could mostly select a visitor visa to travel, work holiday or work and holiday visa, temporary graduate visa, etc.

Apply for Permanent Residency

Suppose your heart is hooked to sandy beaches, clean air, pleasant climate, growth & development, world-class education, top-notch infrastructure, best medical facilities, a warm and welcoming community. In that case, you are meant to live and work in Australia. You can have your skills assessment through a point-based system to receive your invitation to apply for PR. One can show their interest via various migration programs such as Skilled Independent Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme, or Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Let’s try to focus on the initial thought – advantages of further study in Australia.

Many international students opt to study further in Australia to aid better employment chances by gaining higher qualifications. This adds to their current skills and knowledge, mainly if they chose to explore new institutions, campuses, etc. You will at least need to follow these things while continuing your studies in Australia:

  • File for a new student visa application before the current one expires
  • Ensure that the tuition fee, living cost, and other expenses are accounted
  • Extend your Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Secure your admission with Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

Further Study in Australia to Enhance Skills & Knowledge

A level-up in your education qualification and opens exciting doors of career opportunities. Employers tend to have more preference for students with a continued education degree. They also tend to acquire higher starting salaries and incentives.

Further Study in Australia for New Career Trajectory

Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) ensures easy pursuing of studies and gain a higher-level qualification. A student can easily carry forward their previously earned credit score from a different program. E.g., if you have completed a Bachelor degree in general business and taking up marketing for a postgraduate degree, is certainly going to help you enhance abilities & prepare with field and operational area.

Further Study in Australia for Networking

Suppose you are changing university, campus, and exploring a new career path – such things are bound to land you with many opportunities to make new connections. Your seniors, professors, colleagues from each institution are great to learn and grow your interpersonal skills. It also helps you find a job that is a niche to your expertise and interest.

Further Study in Australia for PSW

The Australian education system requires you to complete 2 or more years of full-time study in Australia in one or more Australian qualifications to qualify for post-study work opportunities. This is also an excellent way to gain practical work experience and improve your chances of staying in Australia.

Further Study in Australia to Travel

Your program allows a summer and winter break between course duration to explore, travel and meet new people in Australia. You could also get involved in volunteer work, join relevant clubs, enroll in training to expand your network, and gain new experiences.

Wrap Up:

There are many salient features to study further in Australia as we have discussed above. Hope this article would help you to arrive at a decision-making spot. Whether you plan to extend your stay on the student, visitor, or work visa – don’t forget to maintain a valid overseas health insurance status. Feel free to drop in your comments, feedback or, suggestion regarding the topic that you would want us to cover.


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