Wise Solution: Best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider for Web Designers

Due to the progress in the web business, people prefer to have everything online and acquire services and products at their doorstep with just a few clicks. It has evolved the great demand for web designers and developers by various businesses to build a professional website which provides easy navigation and accessibility to web users. Features such as whmcs feature request will enable the web users to personalize their products by simply requesting for the specifications they desire. Further, the websites require a robust server on which they can be hosted to get available to the Internet users. Thus, here web hosting service comes into play which is in ever-increasing demand. Even freelance web developer and designers attempt to render the web hosting services to let their customers have every web service under one umbrella. It helps them to acquire a wider reach to the potential customers and earn greater profit.

The Linux reseller hosting is one such option for you to initiate your web hosting business without having to invest in the entire servers and facilities. The reseller hosting Linux will let you resell the hosting services to your end customers effortlessly. However, you need to pick the best Linux reseller hosting services to let your customers have the best service experience. Here, you will be introduced to one of such leading hosting providers that can render you the ideal Linux reseller hosting plans.

Wise Solution – The Best Linux Reseller Hosting provider in India

The Linux reseller hosting is one of the kinds of web hosting services where you settle the agreement with the web hosting company to resell its services to the end customers. Linux works as the base operating system in the hosting server. You get the authority to re-customize, re-configured, re-package, rebrand the hosting under your company or profile. Moreover, you can also plan to add further features to your hosting service packages, such as SSL Security and WHMCS online billing software, before reselling them to your end customers.

The company Wise Solution is the fastest developing and renowned web hosting provider that enables you to have high quality, cheap Linux reseller hosting plans. Additionally, it will have the following benefits.

  • You will get full control over the resources and the server activities.
  • You can acquire fully managed services where you do not have to bother about the customer or expert assistance to operate the website services on your own.
  • The unlimited Linux reseller hosting service of the Wise Solution allows you to run your web hosting business efficiently with low maintenance.
  • The company offers you reliable and secure billing software WHMCS.
  • You will have the data encryption facility to protect your credentials from any unauthorized access.
  • You will have the free reseller account and the cost-effective domain name registration service.

Let us now dive into the next sections to identify Wise Solution Linux reseller hosting plans and features.

Linux Reseller Hosting Plan

The Wise Solution renders the best cheap Linux reseller hosting services with its most flexible and cheap Linux reseller hosting plans. You can customize the plans as well as scale them according to your business requirements and your end-customers demands. The company renders the CPanel / WHM unlimited Linux reseller hosting powered by High-performance SSD reseller servers. You will get the company’s passionate team support in all the cheap Linux reseller web hosting plans to resell the appropriate services forward.

Features of Linux Reseller Hosting

You can host unlimited websites.

With the Wise Solution unlimited Linux reseller hosting service, you will be able to create multiple cPanel accounts. Under your single cPanel account, you get the power to host a large number of domains without any interruptions and limitations. Moreover, along with each cPanel account, you can have independent dedicated resources and a unique IP address domain.

You will acquire the 100% white labelled system.

Wise Solution will let you have the 100% white labelled system. You will be permitted to legally run your brand name on third-party services to save your time and cost. Therefore, it will become easier for you to resell the services using pre-configured reseller hosting packages. The Merchant company gets wholly hidden from your valuable end customers and clients.

You will get 100% SSD storage.

Under the best Linux reseller hosting service of the Wise Solution company, your business performance will get a boost by having a storage data space on the SSD(Solid State Drive) instead of HDD(Hard Disk Drive). The SSD ensures to provide ultimate hike to your website performance and speed. The users will be able to load the web page within the minimum time limit.

You can function as a web host manager.

You will have the Web Host Management tool, which is referred to by the acronym WHM. It will allow you to control your resource-consuming sites quickly with one click. You also get the privilege to manage and build the new cPanel accounts with unlimited sites, emails, and much more with the Web Host Management tool.

Your website will achieve unmatched speed.

With the Linux reseller hosting service under the Wise Solution hosting provider, you can enhance your website speed 100 times better and let your business website acquire twenty times faster speed with CloudFlare CDN. This way, you will be able to achieve the increased chances of higher website uptime on Google. Besides, the company utilizes cutting-edge hardware tools and robust processors to deliver the best user experience.

The hosting service will also render the free website builder.

The Wise Solution Linux reseller hosting service renders the free website builder. You can make use of simple drop and drag options that are the primary factors allowing the website builder to create or build the required site with ease. Thus, the users need not have any strong programming skills and coding. They can easily create a site doing drag and drop in the software. Also, the best theme can be chosen, which fits perfectly for the web hosting business.

You will receive the one-click installer.

The Wise Solution best Linux reseller hosting services, provides the one-click installer to its clients. You can install the applications required for your online business within a second in just one click. You may install applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc., with a click while taking support from such a Softaculous one-click installer.

Customer Reviews

It is always the best deal to investigate the services being offered by the Linux reseller web hosting providers. Deciding on the opinions can put your web hosting business at risk. Thus the ideal way to choose any Linux reseller hosting provider is to explore reviews of its past or current customers. They can provide you with precise details about how the particular hosting provider’s services are and what you can expect. They will also let you know about their own experience with the Linux reseller hosting provider. To let you grab the insights about the Wise solution Linux reseller hosting plans, here we are presenting you the company’s customer reviews.


Indeed, the Wise Solution unlimited Linux reseller hosting services assist all three ends of the users to fulfil their business goals. The central web hosting provider is able to connect its best Linux reseller hosting services to a larger number of people. You, as a reseller, will be able to initiate your web hosting business with a minimal investment with greater revenues, and the end customers will profit by having the best cheap Linux reseller hosting services along with 24/7 customer and technical support. Connect with the Wise Solution professionals to learn more about the Linux reseller web hosting services, facilities and privileges. They are available at different communication platforms and are always ready to provide instant solutions to your queries.

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