Wise Decisions: What to Do Before Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Every year 10 million wisdom teeth are removed from 5 million mouths across the United States.

Which is great news if you’re getting ready to have wisdom tooth surgery. Today, the procedure is relatively simple, which means recovery is too.

If you prepare well before you go under, you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what to do before wisdom teeth surgery and every step of the way after. And if you need a dentist recommendation, be sure to┬ávisit https://oakbrooksmiles.com/.

Before Surgery

The first step is meeting with your surgeon. They’ll go over your medical history, talk to you about your mouth and the procedure, and set the appointment.

Once set you can coordinate the rest of your obligations. Make any arrangements you may need with childcare, work, or school beforehand.

Plan to go to the grocery store before the surgery to stock up on soft foods. We’ll get into more detail on what to get specifically in a bit.

You will also need a buddy to drive you home from the appointment. You will be groggy after the surgery so it’s best to sort that detail out before.

During Surgery

Most types of oral surgery only take about 45 minutes these days. Once the anesthesia kicks in, the surgeon will make teeny incisions in your gums to extract the teeth.

Once they are done pulling the wisdom teeth they will seal the incision with tiny stitches. The stitches will dissolve in a few day’s time. And the doctor may pad your mouth with some gauze to help stop any bleeding.

Even though it’s a quick process, you won’t be going anywhere but home afterward. You’ll be numb from the anesthesia and once that wears off you’ll want to be somewhere cozy.

After Surgery

Your doctor will advise you on how to treat any pain or discomfort you’ll experience. In general, the first day of oral surgery recovery is a rest day. Make sure that you gather your essentials, phone, books, magazines, etc. and have them handy.

For one to two weeks after your surgery, you won’t be able to handle hard foods. Stocking up on essentials beforehand will make your life, and your helpers’ lives, a lot easier.

Foods that are great after oral surgery include

  • broths or blended soups
  • fruit or protein smoothies
  • scrambled eggs
  • well-cooked oatmeal
  • yogurt, cottage cheese, or ice cream (in moderation)

Things to Avoid

There is a pretty short list of things not to do after oral surgery. Sticking to these guidelines can help you get back on your feet quickly.

  • no smoking for at least 72 hours
  • no alcohol the first week
  • moderate caffeine consumption
  • no hard candies, beef jerky or, tiny food items (seeds/nuts)

If you keep these out of your diet and keep your mouth clean you may be back on your feet inside of a week.

What to Do Before Wisdom Teeth Surgery? Now You Know

Now you know what to do before wisdom teeth surgery. After day one it should be smooth sailing on your recovery journey.

Keep up with the dos and don’t we mentioned. And let your doctor know if you experience any prolonged side-effects or pain.