Winter Weather and its Effects on Hardwood flooring

Many homeowners prefer hardwood floor as it gives a classic and elegant look. It does not just add to the aesthetics of your house interiors, but it also helps in keeping you healthy. On contrary, a carpeted floor can trigger breathing allergies and asthma if you already have breathing issues. The carpeted floors are out of trend now and more people are focusing on getting the right  best flooring services for their house.

However, every flooring type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even though the hardwood floor can be classified as one of the best options when it comes to flooring, it still needs extra care during the winter season. Here are the effects winter season has on your hardwood floor. You can use the mentioned tips to maintain your floor and increase its life.

Humidity level

Low humidity creates gaps between the wooden floorboards that can be observed in the winter. The decrease in humidity level draws out the moisture from the hardwood floor, making it dry and causing the planks to contract. Even though the winters seem to be humid, they really affect the houses as cold air cannot hold moisture for a longer period of time.

Moreover, the heating furnace also reduces the humidity level of the hardwood floor. In order to maintain the humidity at optimum level, you should install humidifiers inside your house. These humidifiers provide the required humidity to maintain the hardwood floor in good shape.

Snowstorms and rainfall

Many people place an outside mat on their porch or at the entrance of the house to prevent mud from entering the house. However, this mat is beneficial in more than one way. During winters, your visitors can remove the snow from their boots before they step into your house. if you do not have a mat placed at the entrance, then those boots will take the snow inside your house. This snow will ultimately melt into a puddle of water on your hardwood floor, leading to water damages.

You should place mats on all the entrances of your house and make sure that the snow or water is blotted even if it makes it to the inside of your house. Fast solutions help in minimizing the water damage.Their are the facts about of flooring and fencing which helpful to improve homes.

The engineered hardwood flooring

While hardwood is a natural material itself, people use engineered wood flooring as an alternative. The main reason behind this decision is that the natural hardwood plank expands in summer and contracts in winter. This contraction and expansion create gaps in between the planks. therefore, engineered wood floors are used to maintain the flooring of your house. The high humidity or low humidity levels cannot affect the engineered wooden floors.

You can visit local stores to check the engineered wood planks as many stores have mock setup in their stores. Moreover, engineered wood can also be used for Chain Link Fence installation  around your lawn to create a more stable fence as compared to the other materials used. 


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