Winter Skincare Essentials: Protecting Your Skin from Cold Weather

As the chilled season is approaching, and we are all excited about it. It’s the time of the year when we flaunt our cosy long coats and stylish sweaters while having a cup of coffee. Hot chocolate hits differently during the chilled nights. Favourite time of the year is exciting, no? But we forget one thing that we find hard to deal with in winters: taking care of our skin. It’s okay because all you need to know is the use of thebest skincare products in Pakistan in the right way.

No matter how much we apply lotion or cold creams, it’s never enough to quench your skin’s thirst for hydration. Guess what? It makes our skin irritated, itchy, flaky, dry, and damaged. Fret not, buddy, because you are not alone. You can change your winter skin game with an easy and basic skincare regimen. So, jump in your comfy spot and discover how to keep your skin happy in the chilled season.

Why Does My Skin Get in Trouble During Winter?

The amount of moisture in the air tends to decrease as the temperature drops. Dehydration results from the loss of water and oil in the skin, which is exacerbated by the dryness of the air. In actuality, the skin’s ability to hold onto moisture declines with each passing winter. This is the cause of the tight, dry feeling on our skin. Wintertime can occasionally lead to skin conditions including flakiness, redness, sensitivity, and inflammation.

Winter Skincare Routine: Flaunt the Glow in Cold

1.   Cleansing: Cleanse Out All the Impurities

Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face to remove makeup and pollutants while preserving moisture levels all winter long. Especially for winter skin care, a thick, creamy cleanser helps remove extra oil and impurities without causing irritation to the skin. Avoid over-cleaning as it removes the skin’s natural emollients.

2.   Exfoliation: Wipe Out the Dead Cells

Exfoliating the skin is recommended, however you should limit your exfoliation throughout the winter. For example, if you regularly exfoliate twice a week, it’s okay to do so just once throughout the winter. It eliminates the dead skin cells from the skin; however, excessive exfoliation can simply result in dry, rough, and peeling skin.

3.   Moisturisation: Bless Your Skin with Nourishment

Get yourself the best moisturiser in Pakistan to keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter. Choose an oil-based moisturiser rather than a water-based one to help keep the moisture in. After washing your face in the morning, lock in the hydration with a little daily moisturiser. However, a heavy moisturiser at night is best.Β 

1.   Serum: Satisfy the Thirst of Skin

A moisturising serum must be included in your routine to help with dryness. Skin can benefit greatly from the hydration and nourishment that face serums and plant oils can provide. For example, skin fatigue in winter can be revitalised with the best Vitamin C Serum. It also tackles ageing symptoms and improves the skin’s natural moisture to produce a complexion that is smoother and more luminous.

2.   SPF: Shield the Skin from Sun Damage

Since there is less sunlight and fewer days throughout the winter, many individuals forget to wear sunscreen when going about their regular business. The winter sun may be harmful to the skin, so wear sunscreen that offers protection from UV rays. Excessive sun exposure in any season can cause skin cancer and premature ageing.

3.   Lip Care: Embrace No-Crack Smile

Our lips may feel dry, cracked, and unpleasant as a result of the cold weather. So, applying a good lip balm on a daily basis will keep your lips smooth and supple, especially before you go outside or go to bed. A petroleum-based lip balm could be a suitable choice.

Remember To…

●    Ditch the Hot Water Showers. Cold Ones, too!

We know how much we all crave for hot showers during winter. It also relaxes muscles, but do you know that it is harmful to the skin? Hot water can deplete your skin with its natural oils. Instead, use lukewarm water to shower your skin to maintain its natural moisture content.

●    Pick the Winter Wonder Products

What makes your skin happy in the summertime might make it unhappy in the winter. As the skin’s requirements vary with the seasons, you must adjust the items you use for skin care. Prefer the best skincare products in Pakistan that are specially formulated for the winter season.

●    Boost Inner Beauty with Vitamins

Our body produces more vitamin D naturally throughout the summer but less during the winter. So, make sure you obtain suitable levels of vitamin D throughout the year by taking vitamin supplements. You should also add vitamin E supplements as they have moisturising and anti-inflammatory qualities that help calm and heal skin.

●    Keep the Humidifiers To Breathe Easy

Winter’s harsh weather and dry environment cause severe damage to the skin. It is almost hard to adequately protect the skin when even the oxygen

you breathe is devoid of moisture. So, take out your air humidifier and provide some more humidity to the air around you and your skin. It will really make a huge difference.

●    Your Feet and Hands Deserve Some Pampering, Too!

When talking about winter skin care tips, it’s important to focus especially on your hands and feet. The skin of the hands and feet has the fewest amount of oil glands in relation to other body regions. That’s the reason why our hands get dry quickly and make them prone to cracking and irritation.

Bye Bye Winter Damage, Hello Winter Glow!

To conclude, preserve your skin during winter by following the skincare regimen. Always remember to take care of yourself by engaging in self-care with the best skincare products in Pakistan. Keeping your skin healthy during the winter might be trickier than it seems, but it’s not impossible. If you have the right skincare products, you can easily maintain a youthful glow, attractive complexion, and happy skin all year round.

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