Winter leggings combination with other clothes to look more stylish!

Winter is considered the most “chic” season of the year, as we tend to wear heavier and more elegant clothes. In addition to being known as the sleekest season, it is also the one in which we prioritize comfort; after all, nothing better than comfortable clothes in the winter. That is why winter leggings are best choice for your favorite season and can be used alone or even as a second skin. Even if some have an absolute dread of wearing leggings outside the gym, know that it is possible to create stylish and super versatile looks with the garment.

Legging with an oversized jacket

The legging is a drier piece with little information; it is perfect to be combined with an oversized coat, which is more comprehensive and a little longer.

The combination of trousers with coat style creates a super warm look, which can still be combined with a sneaker or a high heel boot; everything will depend on your style and where you want to wear this look. But, as the oversized coat already brings a lot of information, I prefer to combine it with more basic leggings and t-shirts in neutral tones, such as black, gray, beige, or white.

Stylish look

Anyone who thinks that leggy looks need to be stuck with just the basics is wrong since the piece allows you to create a stylish look, even more so in winter, with the help of stylish jackets and coats.

Also, there are several legging styles that you can adhere to, such as current, which is a kind of fake leather, more malleable, and that has a more refined finish, perfect to be used on more formal occasions and even in the club. To compose a stylish look with legging in the winter, you can bet on both a denim jacket and a leather one and a classic black boot on your feet.

Sporty chic

This can’t be missing. But there is a sporty look to be chic with legging pants if you prefer this footprint. In winter, to hit this style, bet on a bomber jacket in synthetic fabric and legging pants with details in straps, which further emphasize this proposal.

Legging with blazer

As with the oversized coat, this type of pants is also relatively easy to match with a blazer, creating a perfect look to be worn in the workplace and being very elegant.

For this composition, you can once again bet on the synthetic leather leggings, with no mistake, being possible to combine the look with both a boot and a heel.

Leggings with different jackets

We warned you that it could be a wildcard in your closet, right? This piece allows you to combine it with the most different coats and to dare a little in the composition of your looks.

A good bet is to combine the pants with a military parka-style jacket, creating a stylish look and perfect for the most varied occasions.

Bet on different leggings

This tip is for those who like to dare when putting together the look since it is possible to find leggings with quite different prints, such as mermaid scales, galaxy, and so on. But, in this case, prefer to combine your pants with a black coat after all the information is already in the pants. This look is even more stylish when used with a high heel boot.