Top 5 Unexplored Winters Getaways in Himachal

Ask any romantic couples these days what the honeymoon plans are? Chances are high that you’ll get to hear answers like going on a hilly honeymoon packages to India. Hill stations honeymoon vacay are considered best these days, but it is also true that hill stations lack some amenities but provide romance and adventure in abundance.

One such hill station in India is Himachal Pradesh, which never fails to surprise and attract couples. Daily old Himachal attractions are losing its charm, and places like Shimla, Manali have become oh-so-common. But still, there are unexplored getaway in Himachal that are not on the tourist radar.

In today’s article, we’re covering such romantic and adventurous hill spots in Himachal that you should check out on Himachal vacay!

1. Pabbar Valley

Head to Pabbar Valley which is approx 107 km from Shimla. It’s a very beautiful place. The place is known for its fruit orchids that will amaze you! These gardens were once the escape for the British Viceroy where they come for camping. Go on the unexplored treks that pass through the pictorial villages in Pabbar Valley. Imagine you and your sweetheart are passing by picturesque villages covering the deodar forest trails and watching the snow-clad mountains. From rafting to fishing and camping, Pabbar Valley has everything.

2. Thanedar

With appetizing apples and lip-smacking cherry orchids, Thanedar is the place to go for the nature of loving couples. Go there to eat the best apples in India. Indulge in talks with the locals to eat free apples. You’ll find romantic resorts or hotels in Thanedar, and all the accommodation options are best to gaze the best of nature from the room window. Seek blessings at Naag Devta Temple, unlock tranquility at Tana Jubbar Lake. Thanedar is approx 400 km away from Shimla.

3. Gushaini

Located approx 210 km from Shimla, Gushaini is the place tucked in the Kullu district on the banks of Tirthan River. This place is also called Trout because you can spot the huge trout fishes in Gushaini. Go there with your sweetheart if you love riverside camping. Just 20 km away, you can go for the fantastic Himalayan National Park to spot 300 types of birds and 30+ types of animals.

4. Jalori Jot

Go to Jalori Jot if you want to go for trekking in Himachal’s least explored treks. This place approx 150 km from Shimla and will transport you to watch the best scenic landscape beauty in abundance. Seek divine blessings at the Jalori Jot Temple, and later, go for the Serolsar Lake to spend quality time. You can go for a fort hopping tour also. You have to trek around 4 km to reach the lake. There are shops to eat and sip coffee during the trek.

5. Shoja

Shoja is the best place to visit in Himachal on India honeymoon packages if you want to bask in the serene, tranquil natural landscape beauty with your sweetheart. Here’s you’ll find many aspects of relaxing honeymoon vacay. Shoja is the best place to breathe the fresh mountain air in Himachal vacay. Shoja is located in Seraj Valley and is renowned for its Serolsar Lake. Take a romantic walk on the old school charm trails when you’re in Shoja. It is located around 155 km from Shimla.

So, now we think that your Himachal vacation plans are sorted with unique hill spots. How true is that?