Winnipeg Finds Smile Saviours in Dentist Duo, Dr. Nate Jeal and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

Smiles across the 204 shine a little brighter since SmileCo opened its doors in 2019.

Renowned dentists, Dr. Nate Jeal (@drnatejeal), and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen (@dr.baotran) led the way for innovation and growth in Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Dental industry.

Owning three practices in Winnipeg and helping many other businesses in North America, Jeal and Nguyen are not only leaders in crafting perfect smiles but provide mentorship for other dentists looking to replicate their success.

“I founded a marketing company focused on growth and development for dentists and their practices,” says Jeal.

Jeal leads the way for Dental Authority Marketing, a marketing firm dedicated to strategic positioning, and innovative marketing techniques bringing in more high-value patients for budding dental practices.

Waterford Smile Co, Winnipeg Square Dental, and Lorette Family Dental Care are Jeal and Nguyen’s headquarters in Manitoba.

“Multi-practice ownership was the next step,” Nguyen and Jeal say.

Each branch offers them different clientele and new opportunities.

While their hand-selected team offers services ranging from simple teeth cleanings to emergency dental services, the duo’s real claim to fame is their Invisalign orthodontics.

Only a select few dentists ever reach the Gold Plus level with Invisalign and Jeal and Nguyen are recognized as premier providers of Invisalign orthodontics across North America. Over the past five consecutive years, they have provided 100 clients with Invisalign in each 12 month period, joining a small group of specialists who have Gold Plus or better rankings in Manitoba.

Jeal and Nguyen have contrasting opinions on what sets them apart from their competition.

“It’s important to tell your story,” says Jeal. “Using both traditional media and new media channels we have amassed a local following of patients allowing us to tailor specific methods for every patient’s needs.”

For Nguyen, patient relations are paramount.

“Being able to have a conversation as equals with both patients and fellow doctors is one of my biggest secrets to success,” she says.

Although they have found great success, the duo has faced their fair share of barriers. They believe flipping hard times into valuable lessons helped them establish a winning culture.

“Failing is part of learning when you are charting a new course,” Nguyen says.

While it’s easy for the married couple to trust each other, developing trust for employees has been a positive challenge.

“The wise move is to train and provide the best opportunities for anyone you employ, understanding that sometimes even good people will leave,” says Jeal. “It would be worse if you didn’t train your team and only ever had unskilled people to work with.”

To learn more about Nguyen and Jeal read “Fast Growth Practice,” the duo’s book giving readers deep insight into their practical protocols for business and life.

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