Winning Tactics For Instagram Followers

Winning Tactics For Instagram Followers

Instagram can be a huge source for generating traffic, engaging your audience, and driving sales if you know how to use it effectively.

This is the very reason 59% of marketers plan to boost their investments on the platform this year.

If you are not excited about the prospects of generating leads and sales for your brand using the platform, you are not alone.

With an ever-increasing number of brands joining the platform, the competition is getting stiffer with every passing day.

Are you looking for help?

Don’t worry. This blog will share with you 9 proven ways how you can grow your Instagram followers. 

Read on.

Optimize Your Profile

Your profile is the face of your brand and visitors to your profile might consider to follow you, or hit the back button based on what they see and perceive on your profile.

  • Profile Picture: Have an approachable and professional-looking profile picture. If you are a personal brand, you can have a smiling headshot here. If you are a business brand though, your brand logo can be a great fit.
  • Username: Use a niche-relevant keyword in your account username. This will make your profile searchable in the searches and also attract more users to your account.
  • Bio: Write a comprehensive bio. Tell the visitors about who you are, what you do, and what they can gain if they follow you.
  • Website Link: Include a clickable link to your online store, blog, or other space where users can see and buy your products.

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Keep a Content Calendar

We can’t stress enough on this. Social media is all about keeping your audience engaged with worthy content that keeps your brand in their heads.

The reason is that social users tend to have a very short-term memory and they tend to forget about you if they don’t see posts and videos from you for many days.

Maintaining a content calendar allows you to stay focused, create content that resonates with the audience, and avoid missing out on key occasions to share content.

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Engage with Audience

Attracting more users to follow you is all about giving time to your existing followers by responding to their comments and answering their queries.

This shows that you care for them and reflect empathy for what they feel. Leading global brands and mega influencers have dedicated teams to communicate with their followers.

Another smart way to spark engagement is to encourage users to create content with hashtag campaigns. Users get excited to participate in these campaigns as people tag their friends as well.

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Schedule Posts

Being a business or brand owner, you might have to deal with a lot of things to run your business. That makes the job of coming up with new ideas and creating engaging content daily a big headache. 

So, what should you do to avoid the stress and stay ahead of game? 

You can schedule your posts in advance to ensure your audience gets content on scheduled time while you don’t have to scratch your head every day to create likable posts and videos.

Avoid Low-quality Services

With so many so-called high-quality service providers, it is tempting to buy followers from these providers. But, in reality, these are low-quality services that may end up deleting your account.

These followers are generally bot-generated and usually drop after some time. This will alert the spam bots on Instagram and they will catch the activity. Your account will be deleted for buying fake followers.

Cross-promote Your Account

Promoting your Instagram profile across multiple platforms can give you more leverage in showing up your profile to more users. 

You can add your social media icons on your website and in the marketing emails you send to your subscribers.

You can also place Instagram feed on your website’s homepage. This will entice your readers and they will be interested to check your Instagram account and may follow you.

Post Content Your Audience Loves

Posting mindlessly and without considering the audience’s response is not a smart strategy. Instead, you should try to come up with unique ideas that can hook your audience and get them to engage with them.

Using filters, hashtags, compelling captions, and high-quality and intriguing images is just one part of the strategy.

You have to create different formats of content and use different storylines to find out what works best for your audience. 

Different brands have different results with a particular format. So, be on the look for what works best for your brand and double down on that.

Have Conversations with Them

60% of marketers use Instagram as a service channel. That means businesses can use the platform to respond to the queries of their customers and make announcements about upcoming releases and promotions.

There is a reason why popular accounts and brands initiate huge conversations on the app by asking intriguing questions to gain the attention of their prospective customers.

Create Share-worthy Content

When you do a great job in engaging your audience, you will be able to build communities and not just attract followers.

If you have the patience and resources to create the right content for your audience, you can have a much bigger impact on their lives. This is how you change lives and inspire transformations. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire follow-worthy content;

  • Inspirational posts
  • Storytelling with intriguing captions
  • Humorous posts
  • Awareness-centric content
  • User-generated content with interesting captions

Final Words

Winning on Instagram is less about luck and more about following a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Using automation tools can help save a ton of time and deliver results for businesses. We have covered 9 proven ways in this blog to help kickstart your Instagram growth with more Instagram followers.