Windscreen Cracks You Need to Watch Out For

A dent on your car will only make it look unattractive, damaged, and poorly maintained. However, a crack on windscreens will hinder your visibility while driving and pose a constant risk of shattering. In case it shatters, it can cause injuries and require a complete cleanup of your car. Not every big or small damage to the windscreen is a crack, as it can be a chip or scratch too.

Chips and scratches can be easily repaired. On the other hand, cracks are intense and cannot be handled only with repairs. So, the windscreen damage might not or might need a replacement. You must know about various types of cracks to know if you need repair or replacement and take the necessary action.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn more about windscreen cracks you need to watch out for and make sure to keep your car in the best shape.

Top 7 Types of Windscreen Cracks You Must Beware of

Car owners are often too concerned about the safety and upkeep of their cars. Dents on car bodies are what they dread the most. However, the car windscreen is the most fragile yet strong part. It can develop chips and cracks due to various types of damage. Chips can be repaired, but cracks often call for replacements. So, you must know the type of damage to adopt the proper care method.

The major types of windscreen cracks you must beware of to ensure proper care and maintenance of your vehicle include the following;

1. Half-Moon Crack

Half-moon crack is the most common and critical type of windscreen crack you need to be aware of. The crack occurs due to something like a ball hitting the windscreen. The crack is usually circular or oval in shape and damages the outer layer. It can be deep and intense, too, if the object is heavy or hits with great intensity. In case of such cracks, it is better to consult experts for replacement windscreen London, get the screen replaced, and avoid inconvenience.

2. Bull’s Eye Crack

Bull’s eye crack is the second most common type of windscreen crack you need to watch out for. The crack occurs as a result of something small, like a stone or ball hitting the car. The shape of the crack is circular, which often deeply damages the outer layer. It can be treated and fixed; however, it can call for a windscreen replacement if left untreated for a while.

3. Edge Crack

Edge crack is another common type of windscreen crack you must be aware of. As the name suggests, edge cracks usually occur on the edges of the screen. They usually initiate from little scratches and can turn into big cracks. The most common cause of edgy cracks is excessive pressure on the screen and improper installation. So, you must only trust experienced technicians for windscreen replacement and avoid edge cracks altogether.

4. Star Break Crack

Star break crack is another common type of windscreen crack you need to watch out for. The crack usually occurs as a result of smoothing hitting the car. The crack spreads in the form of a star as multiple lines emerge from the point being hit. Star break cracks can even make your windscreen fall apart at once. So, you should never leave it untreated and replace the screen immediately to avoid more damage or injuries.

5. Long Crack

Another critical type of windscreen crack you need to watch out for is the long crack. The cracks are usually in a linear form and longer than fifteen centimeters. These cracks can occur out of the blue due to intense weather conditions. Ignoring long cracks can make your screen fall apart into two pieces. So, you must immediately get an appointment for windscreen replacement and limit potential damages.

6. Combination Crack

A combination crack is the most crucial type of windscreen crack you must be aware of. As the name suggests, a combination crack combines various types of cracks. Such cracks often take place due to some collision or accident. A tree may fall on your windscreen, leaving star breaks and long cracks. Getting the screen replaced is the best option in such a case which should never be delayed.

7. Stress Crack

Stress crack is the type of windscreen crack common in older vehicles. If you have been using the same car for years, the windscreen might be depicting wear and tear from the test of time. Moreover, the weather conditions are getting adverse too. Due to this, the intensely hot and cold temperatures can also give stress cracks to your car. Contact replacement windscreen technicians to get the screen replaced and enjoy high visibility while driving.

Does your car windscreen require replacement?

If the windscreen of your car has developed some intense crack, you should immediately look for replacement options. Make sure to contact the expert auto glass repair services to get it done smoothly and not fall victim to edge cracks even after replacement.

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