Windows in listed buildings: how to get planning permission to replace

Planning Permission to Repair Window in Listed Buildings

In buildings of historical value, the replacement of windows can become a real challenge. This is due to obtaining special permission from government agencies. Without such approval, no homeowner is able to change the facade of their mansion.

London is home to many beautiful houses dating back to centuries past. They are architectural monuments, so it’s difficult to completely replace the glass unit in them. During repair works, including the restoration of sashes or frames, window insulation, a number of requirements must be fulfilled so that the look of the house remains the same.

Among the most famous neighborhoods are Islington, Greenwich, and Richmond-upon-Thames. In some buildings there the owners have already replaced the double-glazed windows, but the design has not changed. The soundproofing and energy efficiency of the windows has increased the original design has been preserved.

Before replacing glazing in buildings similar to the ones listed above, you should make up an action plan so that planners can approve the works. It should detail points that will help workers understand that the owner realizes the value of the house and will not change the facade.

Provide justifiable cause for planning applications

There are many good reasons why it is more expedient to replace windows rather than restoring or rebuilding old sashes. The frame may be damaged or beyond repair. In some cases, it is much cheaper to completely replace a window than to repair an old one.

Another reason may be the need for better insulation and draft protection. It is also important to ensure the safety of the house, especially if people live in it and there are no official events.

Before granting permission for works, the planners need to understand that you are making a strong case. The list of evidence should include:

  • images;
  • videos;
  • experts’ report confirming the need to replace windows.

You must provide as much information as possible and explain exactly why installing new windows will be better than restoring the existing sashes.

Show professional drawings and schematics

Take photos of your windows and ask the specialists who will carry out window replacement to make drawings using a computer-aided design system. Provide this evidence to the planning staff. This will prove that replacing windows will not change the look of the glass units. Each building is different, so the need for renovation is different. Therefore, there is no 100% guarantee that your request will be approved. If you are not sure that the authorities will issue the required permission, study the information provided on the website of the local authorities.

Companies doing such work can replace windows that will fully match the building’s historic design. Double-glazed windows will not cause a decrease in the value of the house in the event of a sale.

During the renovation, special materials will be used, such as special restoration glass. It differs from the modern one in that the glass surface has flaws and resembles an aged one. The frames of a new glass unit can be painted the color you want. You can select single or double glazing to fully match the original design.

Work with a window specialist

One of the easiest ways to enhance your request is to work with a team of professionals. They will help collect and provide evidence that guarantees to get permission.

You will get the necessary technical drawings and project documentation to help you find out what the new window frames will look like after replacement. Experts will provide the necessary conclusions and written confirmation of the practicability of the replacement.

Government agencies that can grade listed buildings should be aware that the glass unit will be repaired by professionals who have already worked on landmarks. This plays a decisive role in getting approval. Employees will know that you are responsible for preserving the architecture of your city.

Be patient

After drawing up and submitting an application for the replacement of windows in a building of historical value, it remains to wait for the result. Getting the listed building planning permission may take from several weeks to several months to be considered. In some cases, you may receive an additional request for a more accurate design project and re-application.

When making a plan, it is important to create the most accurate and correct project. This will allow you to get a better chance of getting approval. Remember to include a good reason for doing this. Officials don’t have the goal of rejecting every project; they care about preserving the cultural heritage, so preserving the individual design of each old building is their priority.

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