Windows in Edmonton- Steps to a Mess-free Window Installation

With a renovation project going inside your house, dirt and dust are inevitable. It is true when you go for window replacement, especially when you are going for a full-frame installation. And what is worse about it is that most customers don’t realize that cleaning takes weeks after their installation & till then they are still troubled with the debris, dust and dirt.

Even the best window installers don’t render a mess-free service. After all, a home renovation task is all about it. This is why it is important to resolve the issue by cutting it out at the root.

Most companies advise customers to take precautions and prepare the house prior to installation. Here are some of the steps you can follow to minimize the mess and get a clean installation.

  1. Close the doors at the time of installation

This will prevent the spread of dust all over your house. Ideally, it is recommended to keep the rooms not under renovation closed all the time. Keeping the dust in the renovation section of the house will ensure quick and efficient clean-up results from the team and the debris will be contained in one area.

  • Seal off the renovated area

It is a better approach, recommended for bay window replacement and bigger projects. It should be adopted by all the installers. For a small amount of money, you can buy plastic drop sheets and hang them around the area of the house where renovation is going on. Make sure you air-tight it so that there are no gaps for the dust to escape.

  • Keep the dust outside as much as possible

You can set outside-facing fans near the window to blow the dust out as much as possible. Keep the outside weather into consideration. If there is wind, then it may blow it back inside.

  • Keep your electronics and furniture well protected

You literally cannot empty the whole room where windows are being replaced. However, try to remove your electronics as much as you can or at least keep them away from the renovation area. It is also suggested to cover the objects with plastic sheets or cloth to avoid dust from settling on them.

  • Tape the vents

Shut off the heating and cooling system when installing windows. It lowers airflow all through the house and contains dust and debris to one part. However, if the weather is unbearable without your HVAC system, then just tape the vents in the room where work is going on.

A lot of windows companies in Edmonton take pride in the quality and cleanliness of their work. Window Mart is one such company. It offers reliable, efficient and mess-free window installation. However, keep one thing in mind, even the best installers may not keep your home 100% dust-free. They can only do their best with a cleanup. So, when replacing windows in Edmonton, hire reputed professionals to save yourself from dealing with such mess after.