Will a Sports Massage Help Back Pain?

Back pain, especially lower back pain is a common problem in people of all ages. Back pain can surprise you with a dull ache or sharp feeling along the spine. It may affect your movement if it becomes intense. Though medicine can cure pain, massage therapy is a more viable option. Even the physicians are recommending therapeutic treatment now. Massage therapy is considered as an accurate and reliable treatment to cure back pains. You can also check out an effective my back pain coach programme to understand causes and treatment for back pain problems.

Among therapeutic treatments, a sports massage is a more suitable treatment for back pains. Don’t hesitate to visit a Sports Massage in Dover if you are suffering from back pain. You can experience quick recovery and relief in pain in no time.

Sports Massage Can Help Back Pain

The simple and straightforward answer is yes. A sports massage can easily make your back pain disappear. It focuses on mechanical causes such as spasm or muscle tension. A practitioner applies force to muscles without triggering nerve irritation. Thus, your muscles feel more relaxed and you can move your hips, lower and upper back.

Factors that May Affect Your Recovery

Generally, back pain is connected with the muscles and nerves of that particular area. A sports massage practitioner looks into the mechanical caused of your injury. It could be your work habits, sitting posture or due to heavy activity. And though a massage can reduce your pain, you should keep in mind some other factors as well.

These factors can greatly affect the rate of your recovery.


Sleep is the biggest influencing factor during recovery. You should try to take a normal nap when you aren’t well. That’s why we recommend you to take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.


Patients with depression may experience a slow recovery than others. It doesn’t mean that depression patients should pay more attention to it. This simply means that your depression may slow down the recovery as your body will be more stressed.

Anxiety and Stress

We are talking about general anxiety and stress issues. It could be about financial issues, organizing an event or job search. Stress can affect the recovery process and put your muscles and nerves under tension.

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Your survival instinct and willingness have an important role in your recovery. This is a two-way journey, your level of willingness can improve or worsen the situation. You may become anxious and feel stress if you desperately wish a quick recovery. A positive attitude can also boost the recovery process.

Too Much Care

Everyone who has a back pain issue must be careful about the movement. But worrying too much isn’t right for you. Avoiding movement and fearing that you may have to experience pain is a bad idea. Think of it as a phobia that stops you from enjoying something beautiful.

You must move if your doctor or therapist has advised you to do so. It’s the only way you are going to know that you can move perfectly.

Thought Process

How you think about your pain condition is an important factor. You must always nurture positive thoughts while experiencing pain. It’s because your thoughts can make you feel stressed or put you under depression. You should worry when you are ill or undergoing pain but don’t let it corrupt your thoughts.