Wikipedia- The Platform for Your Content Marketing: IFGICT

We all know Wikipedia as a website, as an online encyclopedia and as a platform we can get information about everything. This website was created in 2001 with the same purposes. This means that Wikipedia was created to share the information of the world to the world and this is what people have been expecting from it. But with the growth it had and with all the features that it offered some professionals explored another side of this platform. The Wikipedia was seen as a content marketing platform and this was because of a number of features that Wikipedia offers.Let’s have a look on what are these features of benefits that have made people to use this platform as a content marketing platform.


  1. Reach of Millions

Wikipedia is a website well known and there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular websites in the world. To state in number it is the fifth most visited website in the world and this is what has been the first benefit, feature or the invitation for content marketers to consider it in their campaigns.It is visited by around 50 million people on regular basis and this is what can make your content to be seen by millions of people in just one go.


  1. Numbers and Stats Could Be Tracked

The game of numbers in this time has taken an important place in the marketing world and without numbers you probably cannot make your strategy to be effective. The numbers can tell you facts that you can use for creating your future content and marketing strategy. With a Wikipedia page you can just know how many visitors are visiting the page regularly and from which region they are coming and such other facts.This is what another important feature of Wikipedia is.


  1. Conversions

Well, what do content marketers need from their content? The most important thing they consider is conversions. With Wikipedia you can even do that. For that you will first have to know how to create a Wikipedia page for your company and then you should know how to make the considerations on back linking your content with your desired link. This can make you have the conversion on your homepage.This way you can lead you content marketing to be converted into sales.


  1. You Can Update It Whenever You Want

Wikipedia page is not like other content marketing platforms and it could be updated whenever you want. This means that you will not have to update your target market about the new link of blog, article or page every now and then instead Wikipedia allows you to get the editing done on the same page. This way you can keep your target market updated about everything that has happened in a business and this is a feature that most of other platforms do not offer.


  1. Graphics Can Be Integrated With Words

Words have an amazing power to conquer the people but graphics and images can conquer mind and this is what a page creator at Wikipedia can enjoy. He can have the blend of images and words to make the information about the business to be transferred to the people he has targeted. This benefit could be enjoyed with Wikipedia as well as getting the reach of millions of people. I think that is the best part of getting to this platform.


These were a few reasons of how Wikipedia could be the best choice for a content marketing platform. One thing that I have not mentioned above but is important to be mentioned here is that Wikipedia charges nothing for creating the page and it can offer you all of these above-mentioned benefits for absolutely no costs. So are you now thinking about getting to the Wikipedia platform for your content marketing purposes? What you need to know in this thing is that Wikipedia can be one of the greatest ideas that you can consider for your marketing. But another thing that you need to keep in mind is that through Wikipedia you can only work for your awareness creation and you cannot bring the promotional content to be posted on it.For these reasons you will have to plan it with something that is only about awareness creation



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