Why You Still Need Basic Tools in an Apartment (And Which Tools You Should Own)


One of the perks of living in an apartment is that you aren’t responsible for the upkeep of the property. When things go wrong, it falls on your landlord or the property manager to take care of it.


You may not need a heavy-duty tool kit while you’re living in an apartment, but it’s a good idea to at least keep the basics around. That way, you don’t have to call help for quick fixes.


There are plenty of little things you may need tools for around your apartment. Let’s take a look at the basic tools you will probably end up needing and what you’ll need them for.


5 Reasons You Might Need Tools in an Apartment


Small repairs and projects don’t require the help of your landlord. Here are a few things you may get up to in your apartment that require tools:


1. Hanging Pictures


Putting anything up on the walls is one way to make your apartment feel like home. It’s these personal touches that give your space life.


Hanging pictures (or anything for that matter) is a simple task, but you’ll need a hammer and nails at the very least.


If you’re hanging something heavy, a stud finder helps a ton. And you can get really fancy and use a level to make sure your artwork isn’t leaning too far to the left.


2. Assembling Furniture


While you’re living in your apartment, there’s a very good chance you’ll end up buying furniture that requires some assembly. And a lot of the time, these pieces don’t come with the tools you need to put them together.


Building bookcases and entertainment centers is a lot less frustrating when you already have the tools you need. 


Usually, a screwdriver will do the trick. But sometimes you’ll need a hammer and an Allen wrench as well.


3. Faucet Tightening


One extremely common problem in any home, and one of the most annoying, is a loose kitchen faucet. It happens all the time, and it’s actually really easy to fix if you know how to do it.


Tightening a faucet if the base or one of the handles is loose will only take you a few minutes if you have a wrench or a couple of screwdrivers on hand.


No need to make that call to tighten everything up again!


4. Quick Fixes


There are some other small things you can take care of on your own if you have the tools to complete the job. 


For example, if the hardware on your cabinets, doorknobs, or hinges start loosening, you can tighten them pretty easily with a screwdriver.


5. DIY Projects


This only applies if you’re the hands-on type. 


If you’re a DIYer, you probably already have the tools necessary for your trade. But even if you’ve never done a DIY project before, you never know when you might get the urge to create something.


Having some basic tools in your apartment will go a long way in helping you with your projects.


11 Basic Tools That Every Apartment Dweller Should Own


Now that you know why you’re going to need tools, here is a list of the tools you should have to make up a bare-bones tool kit for your apartment.


You can always add more, but let’s start with the very basics.


1. Hammer


Hammers are a staple of any tool kit. They are necessary for hanging anything up on your walls, including pictures and shelves.


You might also need a hammer to put the back on a bookshelf or another piece of furniture.


Along with your hammer, it’s a good idea to keep a small box of nails of different sizes on hand.


2. Stud Finder


Finding studs isn’t always necessary, but it’s good practice when putting up shelves or anchoring furniture to the wall. A stud-mounted screw will hold up much better than one in the drywall.


3. Level


If you’re already putting things up, you may as well throw a level in the mix. 


When it comes to hanging pictures, using a level is more for peace of mind. However, hanging shelves and mounting televisions is another thing entirely. A level could mean the difference between getting it done the first time or having to redo the job.


4. Screwdrivers


One of the most essential tools you could ever need is a screwdriver.


A Phillips-head and a flat-head will both come in handy. You can even find a combination screwdriver that switches between the two heads so you only have to buy one.


You will use screwdrivers for putting together furniture, tightening things up, and possibly prying things open. You never really know.


5. Adjustable Wrench


While you’re living in an apartment, you can get away with having one wrench that adjusts in size rather than an entire set of them. Get a larger size so that you can make it smaller as needed.


Wrenches are great for tightening anything from kitchen faucets to bed frames and other furniture. If it has nuts and bolts, a wrench will help you assemble and fix it.


6. Allen Wrench


Allen wrenches are those little L-shaped tools that sometimes come with the furniture you need to put together. But those pieces don’t always include one, even if you need it.


Allen wrenches come in sets that contain a variety of sizes, which means you’ll be able to put together your furniture no matter what size bolts it comes with.


7. Measuring Tape


Measuring tape comes in handy when you’re planning the layout of your apartment or trying to find a good spot for that new piece of furniture you’re thinking of ordering.


It’s also a great tool to let you know if bigger pieces will actually fit through your door when they arrive.


8. Needle Nose Pliers


While your pliers will more than likely be relegated to the craft supplies drawer, they are a handy tool to have around. You never know when you may have to grab a small object in a small space.


Just imagine how frustrating that would be if you didn’t have a good set of pliers to rely on!


9. Utility Knife


This is just a really useful thing to have on hand. It’s basically for cutting open all of those Amazon packages that arrive at your door. It works much better than a pair of scissors or your keys.


10. Flashlight


You’re going to need a flashlight at some point while you’re living in your apartment. If the power goes out, you can use the light on your phone for a while, but eventually, it will run the battery down.


Just do yourself a favor and get a proper flashlight


11. Duct Tape


You can fix anything with duct tape.


Need I say more?

In Conclusion


When you’re moving into an apartment, you may be tempted to chuck all your tools. It’s true you probably won’t need any power tools, as you won’t be making renovations and you won’t be on the hook for big repairs.


That doesn’t mean a toolbox filled with the basics won’t come in handy.


So don’t get rid of everything, and make sure you fill out the missing spots in our list before you end up needing them. When the need arises, you’ll be thankful you have them within reach.


Author Bio:


Angus Flynn is the Business Manager for SLX Atlanta, a community of high-end apartments in Atlanta.