Why you should wear merino wool in the fall season

The long-awaited (or for some, the dreaded) fall season is here and regardless of how you feel about it, one thing is clear, it is time to renew your wardrobe. Although your style will not change, the fabrics that you wear will definitely need to change. The temperature drop calls for warmer garments. While there are many fabrics that you can wear to keep warm, there’s one that is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability, and that is merino wool.

A natural fabric to keep you warm

Merino wool comes from merino sheep and is distinguished by its exquisite softness and thinness. But just because it is softer and thinner than many other types of wool, it does not mean that it is less efficient at keeping you warm. In fact, merino wool clothing is perfect for the unpredictable fall weather because of its properties. It regulates temperature, so on a day when the sun is out and shining brightly,  a merino wool garment will absorb moisture and evaporate them away from your skin. On a colder day, the moisture will condense inside the fabric, so that heat can be produced. You can also wear merino wool on rainy days, which are very common in the fall, because wool does not absorb water. This means that even if your garment is soaked in water, it will not feel wet and heavy on your body.

A stylish and timeless fabric

Merino wool is one of the finest fabrics that you can find and this makes it very chic. However, the design is also important when we’re talking about style. One of the most stylish merino wool garments out there are Irish sweaters. They have unique stitching patterns that distinguish them from other sweater styles. Those stitching patterns give the lightweight merino wool fabric a more tridimensional look and feel that makes the sweater look more rich. Besides, Irish sweaters are considered a fashion staple, so you can never go wrong with this timeless look.  If we convince you wearing merino wool sweaters go to Tara Irish Clothing to find a wide selection of Irish sweaters made of merino wool that will complement any style and look.

A comfortable and durable fabric

When it comes to comfort, merino wool is incomparable. It is an especially great option for people with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. Thanks to the fact that merino wool fibers are very thin, the fabric is super soft to the touch and it does not itch one bit. Besides, the knit fabric is very elastic. It can stretch up to 30% of its length and it will retain its shape for a very long time if cared for properly. The fact that it is elastic also makes it wrinkle-resistant. So you can wear it all day or take it with you in your travel bag without worrying that it will look wrinkled and untidy. Another very important benefit of wearing merino wool clothes is that merino wool is odor-resistant, so you don’t have to wash your garment every time you wear it because it won’t smell.