Why You Should Use Tor .onion Urls Directories

The internet is divided into three parts. The first of the parts is the surface web. These are the websites that are accessed by the general people and is indexed by the search engines likes Google, Yahoo and other search engines. The surface web is only a small part of the entire internet world. The majority of the internet is hidden and is commonly known as Deep web. Darknet is the subset of the deep web. Dark web and the deep web websites are numerous in terms of numbers. The internet can be thought of as a block of ice floating into the water. The upper part that is floating on the water can be visualized as the surface web or the visible web that is accessible by the common websites. The majority of the part of the ice that is not visible and is hidden from the view is comprised of Deep Web Links and Websites (located in the Tor .onion urls directories) and the dark web. The size of the Deep Web is guessed to be five hundred times the size of the surface web according to researchers and scholars.

How the Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web actually works:

The world of internet is a complex maze of a puzzle. The internet is a collection of interconnected devices which can communicate with each another. The adverse side effect of using the surface web as a medium to communicate and send or receive files is that both the sender and receivers location can be tracked by scammers and hackers.

The information that users share over the surface web can be tracked by scammer with the aid of advanced hacking techniques. The files can sometimes be of importance for the users. The user can sometimes share vital documents like the banking details or their social security number jeopardizing their important information. Dark Web or the Deep Web, on the other hand, does not use the same browser that surface web uses. It uses a system of encryption to send data from one user to others via establishing links that are not predetermined.

 The deep web architecture uses a special type of browser called Onion browser or TOR. All the websites that are listed in the directories are listed in Tor .onion urls directories.  The websites and pages that are listed and exist on Deep Web directories are accessed by .onion Sites Links. The Dark net Links are listed in Dark web directories.

Why the Deep Web Is Growing In Popularity?

There are quite a good number of reasons that Darknet is gaining popularity among internet user globally .The reason for this surge in acceptance is that each and every activity on the surface web or the World Wide Web can be tracked, whereas in the Darknet nothing can be tracked. The main reason for the aloofness is because of the protocol used by the Best Dark web websites that are listed on Tor .onion urls directories are different from the one used on the surface web. .onion Sites links are the ones used by those people who want to keep their activity anonymous and hidden from the public view. The Tor .onion urls directories are used by government dissidents, social activist whom the government in some cases wants to imprison as they stand against government policies. Government agencies, private organizations and some cases traders union also use this Dark Web Directories using the .onion Links to store crucial documents which if, fall into wrong hands will spell trouble.

Origin of the Darknet

Darknet recently was used by the United States Government operatives who were on the mission that was top secret. As using the traditional surface websites would be fatal for their operation and would put the operation in danger, the operatives of the United States Government used the much-preferred Darknet to communicate with other operatives operating elsewhere.

Benefits of Using the Deep Web

The advantage of using the Darknet is more than the disadvantages. Individuals and organizations are always suspicious of the activities that happen over the internet, as the surface web has many vulnerabilities like hacker hijacking the information that are significant and important and using it for their own means. This is not the case when the dark web is used as platform for communication. All the data and information are safe as goods kept in a locker and also communications that happen between both the parties are even hidden and encrypted. Tor stores the data in a decentralized way so that no one can disrupt the flow of information and ideas.

Tor is helping around one million internet users globally who want a free internet, where their messages, chats and their activity won’t be traced and tracked.  The advantage of using .onion Links is that it is too big a system to close down even for the government or a higher authority. To take an example of what the benefits can be of using a Tor .onion urls directories is that there are sites specially set up for journalist to share files and stories related to their work.

These Darknet websites serve as an important pipeline that reporters use to smuggle stories that are sensitive which highlight a very important matter, especially stories relating to authoritarian regimes. There are also secure image sharing sites that are used to share images that come with additional security feature. Besides these added benefits of using the Dark web, the other advantages can be of higher governmental officials wanting to set off a red flag for activities that the state is conducting. The prime example can be of Edward Snowden, an American citizen working for the NSA or the National Security Agency as an analyst, revealed the involvement of the American government spying operation.

 The types of disclosure, if done on the Deep Web Sites Link with the help of Tor .onion urls directories  by whistleblowers is a source of advantage rather than a source of disadvantage. Darknet is better than evil if used in the proper and the right way.

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