Why You Should Use Only a Cotton Waffle Towel Blanket for Sauna Sessions

One of the best ways to enjoy a sauna session is by purchasing a sauna blanket and using it at home; this way, you can enjoy a sauna bath anytime that suits you, that too, at the comfort of your home. You can lay down completely naked to let the heat reach each and every pore of your body, and there’s nobody to disturb. You don’t even need to worry about booking an appointment with a sauna blanket. It’s your possession to heat that baby up whenever you want and dives inside. But one thing that may be a turn-off about a sauna blanket is that the heat makes you sweat, and that sweat is stuck in the blanket. GROSS, right? That’s what cotton waffle towel blankets are for. 

All About Cotton Waffle Towel

First, let’s read about what a cotton waffle towel or blanket is, then we’ll proceed to its benefits. Many people prefer waffle towels because of their luxurious blend of usefulness and aesthetics. They’re easy to spot because they’re made in a honeycomb design, and the raised edges around each square give the towel its name ‘waffle weaved’. The waffle weave generates a towel that is suitable for use in both the bathroom and the kitchen. Waffle towels are great for sauna sessions because of their lightweight fabric and quick-drying properties. They are often used to wipe dishes as they absorb water efficiently. There are also coarser and larger gauge waffle weaves, which give the towel a plusher texture and feel, perfect for a more luxurious bathroom routine. People carry them along when headed for the sauna session. This brings us to the next part i.e. why people prefer waffle blanket cotton towels over the normal ones for sauna. 

Reasons to Use Cotton Waffle Towels

There are several reasons that convince you to use a cotton waffle towel whenever you are planning to go for a sauna bath. Let’s read about the reasons. 

Highly Absorbent

Waffle weave towels generate little honeycomb-like pockets after washing, resulting in a larger surface area. This allows the cloth to absorb moisture rather than “pushing” it around, as some other towels do. Waffle weave towels are more “grippy” than regular terry towels, for want of a better word.

Quick-dry Property

Terry towels are thick and thus hold water for a long time, sometimes seemingly for the rest of their lives. (Haven’t we all felt a towel draped on the shower door and wondered if it was still damp?) Waffle towels have a distinctive flat weave that helps them to dry faster—up to 40% faster. Eco-friendliness gets a bonus point!

Require Less Storage Space

Waffle towels have a slim design that makes them less bulky in the linen cupboard or in the washing machine. This low storage demand makes them a popular choice for spas and sauna rooms, and it’s especially useful in the cramped confines of boats and yachts, giving you plenty of time to do things other than doing laundry.

Travel Friendly

They’re easy to pack and carry anywhere. As explained in the previous factor, if you want to keep a towel in your suitcase at all times, know that waffle towels are great travel companions. What more could one want from a towel or robe when traveling? Quick to dry and thin to pack…what more could one want from a towel when traveling?

Super Duper Chic

You’ll appear unbelievably trendy, international, and mysterious if you leave a tidy pile of waffle weave towels in the washroom or bedroom if you have overnight guests. (At least, that’s our guess.) Is that all it has left? Of course, to give them a try! Explore The Purists, an all-natural collection of linens manufactured without chemical substances, for a fantastic selection of waffle weave towels in both classic and giant styles. Pure, unpretentious elegance, and a specific refuge for allergy sufferers.
These are some common reasons you should choose only cotton waffle towels to insert in your infrared sauna blanket.