Why you should use Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing looks pretty stylish in the magazine catalog. Why wouldn’t they? They add a flare of pristine elegance to your yard and allow plenty of sunlight to illuminate the area. Showcasing your home’s pool through crystal clear glass adds a more elegant appeal to your home without looking too loud. If you’re considering getting a glass pool fence but aren’t entirely sold on the idea yet, you’ve found the right place. This post highlights seven solid reasons to hire a Brisbane pool fencing installer and start enjoying the perks of top quality glass fencing.


They add to the aesthetics

The aesthetics of a glass pool fence is one of the major selling points of installing one. Glass pool fences look significantly better than their wooden, metallic, or otherwise counterparts. Clean, transparent glasses have a certain appeal, and when they fence off the clear blue water of your pool, they give your home a serene outlook. Everyone has to admit that there’s a level of sophistication that comes from glass pool fences unrivaled by any other material. Of course, there are several other reasons to opt for glass fences, but the beauty they add is worth considering on its own.


They are low maintenance

The best way to get the most out of glass pool fences is to keep them clean. It pretty obvious since no one finds dirty window panes attractive anyway, so it’s quite a relief that glass pool fences are low maintenance. Remember, they are made from glass after all, so cleaning them isn’t a big deal. On the contrary, a simple water and dish detergent solution can have them sparkling as good as new. It would help if you cleaned the glasses regularly enough to keep them aesthetically pleasing and avoid paying sanctions. That’s right, dirty pool glass is a safety violation, and breaking such protocols can result in some hefty fines.


They are durable

Some people might be apprehensive about getting glass fences because of the injuries they might sustain if it ever breaks. While their fears aren’t baseless, many people don’t realize that glass pool fences are firm. They’re not likely to shatter the moment someone accidentally runs through them. Professional pool fencing installers use such strong fittings; the risk of accidents is slim. It also means that these fences are likely to last for many years without you needing to undertake any serious repair work. Sturdy, firm fittings are exactly what every home need around the pool area because it can get pretty slippery.


They are pocket-friendly

Glass pool fences look so elegant it’s hard to imagine not taking out a loan to pay for them. So, it comes as a shocker to most people when they hear the price of installing one in their backyard. It’s a popular myth with glass pool fences, but you’ll be surprised by how affordable they can be, especially if your contractor offers fair prices. Moreso, they’re relatively easy to install, so you don’t have to wait a long time to get the job done. However, they are still more expensive than having your pool fenced off by other materials, but glass fencing has an added advantage they don’t. It is a lot more durable and beautiful than other materials that make it worth the extra cash. This point is especially vital if you plan to sell or rent soon.


They offer a better view

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, transparent glass fences offer you a better view than other traditional fencing materials. It makes entertainment more lively if you have guests around the pool because then you don’t have to miss a moment of the action by being on the other side. Crystal clear glass also reflects light beautifully onto other aspects of the yard, so it even makes your yard look bigger than it is. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for homes with kids as the see-through glass makes it much easier to keep an eye on the young ones.


They are more tolerant to chemicals

Harsh chemicals like chlorine are necessary for treating pool water, but they are also harmful to the materials for making pool fences, except glass. Unlike wood and metal that tend to rust or erode as time passes, glass is a lot more resistant to wear. By installing glass fences, you save yourself the trouble of worrying about chlorinated water eating away at your wall.



So, there you have it, seven solid reasons why you should use glass pool fencing. As you can see, there are a lot of strong points to consider, like the aesthetic appeal, the durability, and of course, the pocket-friendly nature of glass fences. If you’re fully convinced, be sure to look out for the right experts to install your wall, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits listed here and more.


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